Boom Chicago puts humor at the heart of everything we do. It’s in our DNA. Boom for Business is our creative business team. Yes, that is an existing thing. We use comedy to create content, support messages and to make people laugh. Comedy is a secret weapon for communication. It opens closed mental doors and lets new information and ideas slip through. We also encourage a sense of humor about ourselves and our approach.

A brief or strategy we turn into tailored output that is engaging and memorable. The output can be a live performance, a creative campaign or a training program. Boom Chicago has been a trusted partner with large and small organizations over the past decade. We would like to list all the companies, just to brag, but the list would be too long. Therefore we encourage you to contact us and challenge our team with your project.


…are looking for leadership and talent development programs

…are planning a high stakes event

…are creating a campaign and need content

…are looking for entertainment

…are interested in active training

…are searching for education programs

Leslie Andriese

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Leslie Andriese

Customer Focused Programs

We have partnered up with Performance Solutions to create tailored programs for customer focused strategies. Want to know what we can do for you? Contact us for an introduction.