We proudly announce our latest, thrilling escape room adventure: Escape Through the Movies! You and your group will have to work together to discover clues, solve puzzles and race towards the exciting finale.

This is no ordinary escape room. Escape Through the Movies is a big-budget, blockbuster experience with multiple rooms and an exciting story with twists and surprises. It has unique puzzles, a rich atmosphere, motion capture technology, actors, video and a thrilling conclusion. Boom Chicago again raises the creative bar and redefines the escape room. This new creative adventure takes place in our Rozentheater and is inspired by its history as a cinema 100 years ago. A criminal is on the loose and made his Escape Through the Movies. We need a team to go into the movies to catch him. Collect the artifacts and use them to solve the final puzzle. Is your group up to the challenge?

The ideal group size is 4 and a new group of 2-5 people can enter (either mission) every 20-30 minutes. For company groups, we can accommodate 20 people/hour and we have great team activities and packages for 30, 50, 150 and 200 people. Escape Through the Movies is perfect for couples, friends and colleagues. It can be played by adults, kids and grandparents. Escape room fans and first time players will all be amazed at our high production values, great puzzles and story-driven experience.

The complete Escape Through The Movies is two adventures. 

The Director’s Cut
This escape is meant to be done first and takes about two hours including drinks and the 75 minute core story. Guests can return immediately or on a later date for The Sequel.

The Sequel
An entirely new escape… through the movies! This is a separate ticketed event.

Best of Both Worlds
Why not combine Escape Through the Movies with the Boom Chicago comedy show
There are slots before the show at 18:0018:30 and 19:00. We serve a ROAST IT dinner and drinks in between the two activities  After the show, there are slots at 22:40 and 23:00.

Escape Through the Movies opens this November. Join our mailing list or Facebook to receive updates!