Best of Boom

Best of Boom is a mix of our favorite scenes and games from our long history in Amsterdam. We've been making fun of our countrymen, the Americans, before you-know-who made it easy. (Remember when George Bush was the guy you couldn't understand how Americans could have elected him?). We've held a mirror up to the Dutch and forced them to see themselves as others see them since before the construction of the North-South Line, and we'll be doing it long after it's up and running. Will it actually happen? And we've been creating new and innovative improvisation forms since before the Lama’s started, stopped and then re-started. We mix Chicago style improvisation to create improv games no one has ever seen before.

Best of Boom is like that old buddy you haven't seen in a while, but who always knows just how to make you laugh. Whether you've never seen a Boom Chicago show before (in which case ignore all this "Best of" stuff. It's a brand new show!) or whether you're a regular, a "Friend of Boom" who's in the mood for a mix of things you've never seen before with things you remember laughing at a few years ago, this show is guaranteed to be a hilarious great night out.

So get yourself a date, a bunch of friends, or some colleagues in need of some serious fun, and grab one of our cabaret tables. With a bucket of beer and/or a bottle of wine to get you going, you'll be ready to shout suggestions -- or watch our team of improvisers, musician and technician make comedy magic out of someone else's ideas. And we'll see you at Best of Boom.

This comedy show is entirely in English. Best of Boom lasts around 2 hours, including intermission. The starting time is 20:00. Our bar will be buzzing with people from 18:30, so why not coming early to enjoy a drink?

  • Starring

  • Directed by

    Andrew Moskos

  • Technician

    Emil Struijker | Tyrone Dierksen

  • Musician

    Sacha Hoedemaker

  • Tickets

    Starting from: €26.50