Masterclass Presentation Skills


Boom Chicago’s Masterclass Presentation skills: Look and feel great speaking in public

Learn from the people who are on stage every day!!

Whether you worry about speaking in front of groups or you are at ease in front of an audience, we can help you find fun and (more) enjoyment in public presentations. This masterclass will show you how to remain confident and calm when speaking in front of colleagues or strangers. It will improve your presentation skills and make you more comfortable in many situations.

The better you are at speaking, the more your audience will engage with you and your message will come across. People will listen more to what you have to say. 

This course doesn’t focus on comedy per se, but our years of giving speeches, hosting and working in the corporate world has given us the tools to focus on how you come across and how can you respond to unexpected situations while remaining confident.

We cover presentation skills in general and then quickly move into individual feedback and your strengths and weaknesses.  After this class, you will love speaking in public even more. 

And if it is not for you, why not give it to a friend who needs it?!


  • March 3 at Boom Chicago’s theater on the Rozengracht 117;
  • We start at 13:00 and go until 17:30 with a break in between;
  • The price for this masterclass is €75 p.p.
  • The price includes a ticket for Shot of Improv, our fully improvised Saturday Late show (valid for six months).

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    Michael Diederich

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