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Quick Details

Improv Class

Eight Weeks or Four Day Course – No Experience Needed!

An introduction to the basic skills of long-form improvisation – actively listening and co-operating with team mates, “yes-and”, the freedom to play and be spontaneous, and an introduction to improvised scene work. There is NO pre-requisite for this course; anyone can join regardless of previous experience. If you have done a little improv before but not much long-form, it is recommended to start here. If you have previously completed an introduction to long-form class (i.e UCB, Second City, IO, Easylaughs) we’d love you to join us at Scenework and Intro to Game.

NOTE: Please read the Terms and Conditions before booking a place. You must be 18 years or older to take this class, if you are under that age and interested in our Academy please send a e-mail out to [email protected]. It is our intention is to start Teen Classes in the future.

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