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Seth Meyers shows more leadership on US shootings than politicians

Another week, another three mass shootings… Seth Meyers provides consoling, analysis and levity after yet another tragedy. Remember when presidents did that?

If Seth were black and female, he could win the Democratic nomination. Until that happens, my support stays with Oprah!

Politicians React to Shootings in El Paso and Dayton: A Closer Look


Put the boot on Air Force One!

Seth Meyers talks about the NRA, guns and the $500.000 Donald Trump still owes the City of El Paso Texas. This chock full episode starts with how Trump likes to ‘punch back’ — even when people don’t punch at all. Imagine being so horrible, you just assume a people are going to say bad things about you. Well, usually he’s right!



So much Trump to hate and laugh at in this A Closer Look from Seth Meyers

Corruption, incompetence and Trump’s desire to never admit he’s wrong are all present in this funny A Closer Look.

Here is where the latest Trump hurricane story began and Seth Meyers naturally puts it all into funny perspective. Maybe you saw the sharpie marker drawn map drawn to prove that Trump was not wrong and that Hurricane Dorian was indeed heading to the US state of Alabama.

If you haven’t yet seen this map, look at the part drawn with a black ‘sharpie’ marker to include a piece of Alabama in the hurricane’s path. Even when it doesn’t matter, Trump can never admit he was wrong. At least he’s right about one thing: The world is laughing at America, more specifically, him.