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In 2012, the always fantastic Jerry Seinfeld started a ridiculous show, on a different medium, the web, on Crackle no less. People were confused. Why was the great and rich Jerry Seinfeld doing a low rent show on a low rent website? And who would watch internet comedy that was longer than five minutes? Until then, no one had.

Jerry was right and we were wrong. The show, now on Netflix naturally, is now iconic and introduced a brand new format, that also worked on our phones: The spontaneous, unplanned, highly edited, very intimate and personal interview show. Jerry explains some of the magic. ‘The car gives it kinetic energy, the music makes narrative when there is none, and moving the guests to new locations ‘keeps them awake.’

This sixth year starts with three internationally known guests: Eddie Murphy, Seth Rogen and a double episode with Ricky Gervais which includes a very from-this-time discussion of whether or not to include a stereotypical joke in the final edit.

Here’s an even better episode to start with. Watch Jerry and the extra-hysterical Chris Rock on Season 1 Episode 10. Them getting pulled over by the police was an interesting end to a very funny and insightful episode.

For fans of the show, reporter Joy Reid interviews Jerry Seinfeld and Eddie Murphy.


This lively interview gives an incredible behind the scene look into the show and those two iconic comedians. That’s a mini Netflix special all by itself!