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Comedy Conversation Pass -Dpg media offer

Quick Details

A digital pass to all seven comedy conversations: 

The Comedy Conversation Series
For seven consecutive nights during the festival, we present a Comedy Conversation with a different Boom Chicago alum. These Q&A’s will be streamed live from Boom Chicago on the Rozengracht with the hosts and a live in-theater audience. The guests will join us from New York and LA.

All at 18:00

  • Monday 26/07: actress and Writer Suzi Barrett
  • Tuesday 27/07: late night host Seth Meyers
  • Wednesday 28/07: actor, writer, producer and Boom Chicago alum Colton Dunn
  • Thursday 29/07: actors, writers and comedians Ike Barinholtz and Josh Meyers
  • Friday 30/07: writer and director Kay Cannon
  • Saturday 31/07: Co-creator of Ted Lasso and comedian Brendan Hunt
  • Sunday 01/08: one of America’s most exciting writer-directors-producers Jordan Peele 
Live Stream Access for All Seven Comedy Conversations
  • Monday 26/07: We start with our most unusual of the comedy conversation of the series, an uninhibited and hilarious interview of Suzi Barrett by Boom Chicago CEO Saskia Maas.
  • Tuesday 27/07: Boom founders Andrew Moskos and Saskia Maas interview their good friend Seth Meyers live from the Rozengracht with a live audience and atmosphere. Seth joins live from New York. Watch in person or on the high quality livestream.
  • Wednesday 28/07: Join us for a fun and funny hour with actor, writer, producer and Boom Chicago alum Colton Dunn. The interview, audience and the atmosphere happen on the Rozengracht with a live audience and atmosphere. Colton joins from Los Angeles. 
  • Thursday 29/07: Ike Barinholtz and Josh Meyers are two very funny people, who became friends at Boom Chicago and remain so to this day. At the 10 Year Boom Chicago anniversary, he and Ike developed The Shizzow where they would honestly try to annoy each other and then get into an actual fistfight. Comedy gold. 
  • Friday 30/07: Kay Cannon just finished writing and directing the upcoming musical comedy Cinderella for Disney, which will be in movie theaters during the festival. Arriving with high expectations, the film could crack the top 10 of highest grossing movies ever with a female director.
  • Saturday 31/07: Brendan Hunt, along with fellow Boom alums Jason Sudeikis and Joe Kelly, created Ted Lasso, one of the best shows on television in 2020 and the first true hit on AppleTV+.  Season two premieres during the festival on July 23 and season three has already been commissioned. 
  • Sunday 01/08: Jordan Peele is one of America’s most exciting writer-directors-producers. Winning an Oscar for his groundbreaking sociological-horror film Get Out, he quickly moved on to films like BlacKkKlansmanUs, and the TV anthology Twilight Zone. His upcoming films Candyman (cinemas) and Wendell and Wild (Netflix) arrive this summer with incredible expectations.
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