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Group Work Master Class with Derek Miller
13:00-16:00 at The Student Hotel 

Derek Miller wearing glasses and smiling at the camera

Want your team to excel at group scenes? To find organic arcs as a group? To find joy in each other’s discoveries and create standing ovation quality synchronicity? This workshop will take your group work to the next level by meshing the talents of the group.  No more will you have to say “Get in here guys” – because your team will be there – already supporting and creating. Taking inspiration from external group work in cinema, dance and performance art. You will learn to act as one – leaving your audiences in a state of awe with your cohesion.

Level: Intermediate
Participants: 12

Constructive Mischief with Graham Dickinson

a man wearing a neck tie

We all do improv because we like having fun and we like making people laugh (right?!) And we’ve all been in scenes where we seem to be doing all the right things, but somehow no one is really having fun. This workshop will help you rediscover a sense of naughtiness and mischief in your play. In short, we’re gonna mess with each other! We will go past the ‘rules’ for good scene work and tap into our inner naughty school child, in order to find playable patterns and games that make for great scenes that feel instinctive, connected and above all fun.  

Level: Intermediate (at least 1 year of improv experience)
Participants: 12


Writing for TV and the Internet
with Heather Anne Campbell

Heather Anne Campbell in a blue shirt

Heather Anne Campbell (Saturday Night Live, Rick and Morty, Whose Line is it Anyway?, The Twilight Zone) introduces you to the foundations of writing for television! From sketch comedy for both broadcast and streaming, to the three-act story circle and the hero’s journey, Heather will be trying to give you everything she’s learned in the last ten years of writing for TV — as well as how to generate infinite story ideas from your everyday world. You’ll leave this class with a toolbox full of new ways to craft your stories and create your concepts, and only in three hours!

Level: All experience levels are welcome
Participants: 50


A Comedy Conversation with Jordan Peele
18:00 Main Hall

Jordan Peele wearing glasses and looking at the camera

Jordan Peele is one of America’s most exciting writer-directors-producers. Winning an Oscar for his groundbreaking sociological-horror film Get Out, he quickly moved on to films like BlacKkKlansman, Us, and the TV anthology Twilight Zone. His upcoming films Candyman (cinemas) and Wendell and Wild (Netflix) arrive this summer with incredible expectations.

Jordan got his comedy start at Boom Chicago from 2001-2004. His first show was the critically acclaimed Europe: We’ve Created a Monster which included the famous Eurovision Song Contest character Danish Supermodel Uta. ‘Yes because…’

In 2002, he performed in Rock Stars the groundbreaking show that was also part of the Second City Stage Swap. Boom Chicago was (and remains) the only group to ever perform on Second City’s mainstage while they came to Amsterdam to perform on ours. It was there that he met Keegan Michael Key. That friendship and partnership led to the all time great sketch comedy show Key & Peele on Comedy Central from 2012 – 2015 and countless acting partnerships including in Toy Story 4, Fargo, Keanu, and the upcoming animated film Wendell and Wild.

Jordan was in two Boom Chicago Edinburgh Fringe Festival shows including Here Comes the Neighborhood with Boom alums (and future Ted Lasso creators) Brendan Hunt and Joe Kelly.

We are very lucky that he will take a break from shooting his new film this summer to have a Comedy Conversation at the first BCCF.

A Comedy Conversation with Jordan Peele
Join us for a fascinating and funny discussion of comedy, writing, directing, horror, Hollywood and his love of anthology series plus his time in Amsterdam. hosting will be done with Boom Chicago founders Andrew Moskos and Pep Rosenfeld. on Sunday, August 1, live from Boom Chicago at 18:00. The show will also be presented as a high quality live stream at 18:00 Amsterdam |17:00 London |12:00 New York | 11:00 Chicago | 9:00 Los Angeles.

The Comedy Conversation Series
For seven consecutive nights during the festival, we present a Comedy Conversation with a different Boom Chicago alum. These Q&A’s will be streamed live from Boom Chicago on the Rozengracht with the hosts and a live in-theater audience. The guests will join us from New York and LA.

Early bird passes for all seven Comedy Conversations are on sale now (single in-theater tickets and digital household streaming tickets). Individual tickets will go on sale when dates are confirmed.


Best of Boom Chicago
19:30 Main Hall

a group of people on a stage

Were you at Boom Chicago’s 25 year anniversary show at Carre in 2018? Then this is your show. Old school stars, Boom founders, and faces from the past return for one final reunion show before this festival is history.


Sunday Funday
21:00 Main Hall

The stupidest show at the BCCF. A fun show for fans, performers and people who want to go crazy on a Sunday. It’s full of great moments, silly games, festival cameos, and big laughs. The closing party starts here!