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July 14 & 15: Boom for Business Workshops

Quick Details

July 14 @ 16:30: Collaborate, Work and Have Fun Together
July 15 @ 16:30: Boom Chicago’s Pitch & Present with Power
25 spots available for each workshop
Workshops are 2 hours long
Includes certificate

General Admission Including Certificate

Boom for Business Workshops with Pep Rosenfeld

Certificate included

Thursday, July 14: Collaborate, Work and Have Fun Together

This two-hour session will get your teamwork skills humming again. Whether you are working face to face with your team for the first time in months or you’re still doing most things over Teams, it’s the perfect time to focus on the skills that allow the most effective collaboration and innovation. We’ll work on actively listening to teammates and building on what they suggest. Being open to new ideas and new information – and creating a positive environment where new ideas can flourish and grow. And supporting good ideas when you hear them and being able to give and receive feedback when needed.
Plus you’ll have fun and take some risks with everyone else. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what teamwork is all about? This session works as well for a group from the same team as it does for a room full of people who have never met but want to learn how to collaborate better and have a great time.

Friday, July 15: Boom Chicago’s Pitch & Present with Power
The future of work belongs to those who can communicate well. Leading, inspiring and closing the deal all require you to present and pitch your ideas effectively and engagingly.
In this two-hour session, Boom Chicago will help you hone those skills, the skills of effective, powerful presentation. From the basics of body language and emotional connection to choosing your words in a way that will reach and win over the audience – and tailoring those words to the people to whom you’re speaking – we’ll boost your confidence and your ability. And you’ll have fun!
For a decade we have worked with CEO’s and Prime Ministers as well as front line sales teams, financial and legal advisors and IT product designers. In each case, we made sure their presentations were effective, their messages landed and stuck – and their jokes were funny. Let us show you what we can do for you.