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Five Years In Amsterdam

Ted Lasso’s Brendan Hunt returns to his alma mater Boom Chicago

Everyone knows Brendan ‘Coach Beard’ Hunt, as co-creator and Emmy-nominated star of Ted Lasso. Of course when you say Emmy nominated, you know it means he didn’t win… But his global hit has won 11 Emmys, and is the biggest show on Apple+ TV, so Brendan is doing just fine.

But who was Brendan Hunt before Ted Lasso? And how did he go from a shy, unassuming, timid, socially awkward Chicago dork to the too-tightly-trousered, D-List celebrity Eurotrash he became at Boom Chicago from 1999-2008? Everything is explained in his hysterical solo show ‘Five Years in Amsterdam.’

Brendan is reviving his famous celebration of the Amsterdam Expat life, with all the sex, drugs and football that comes with it. Strap yourselves in, because this very funny show holds nothing back!  For mature audiences only!

Brendan Hunt performs ‘Five Years in Amsterdam’ for ONE SHOW ONLY on July 8. Book your tickets now because after this one performance, it’s over. See it this summer or experience FOMO forever.

All proceeds from this event will be donated to InterActing, Boom Chicago’s non-profit theater school for teenagers with autism. Learn more about InterActing here.

This show takes place at Pathe Tuschinski Theater 1: Reguliersbreestraat 26, Amsterdam.