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Comedy is in our DNA, and Boom Chicago puts humor at the heart of everything we do. And yes that’s how you spell humor now. Sorry Brexit.

For 25 years, Boom for Business has applied our comedy in the corporate world. We use comedy to create content, support messages and to make people laugh. We also have a sense of humor about ourselves.

Comedy, however, is quite serious, and it is a secret weapon for communication. It opens closed mental doors and lets new information and ideas slip through. Too many companies and events focus only on their message and not if it arrives. Comedy makes your message stick. Every event could be both more fun and more effective. Boom Chicago has been a trusted partner with large and small organizations over the past 25 years. We would like to list the companies we have worked with, but that would be 1000 logos.

Are you one of the few companies we’ve never worked for? Let’s fix that. Are you a repeat customer? Welcome back!

Tell us about your project and let us turn your goals into a tailored performance, creative campaign or training program. Contact us and to see what we can do for your project.

Saskia Maas is happy to tell you more. Fill in this form or send her an email at [email protected].

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Your people are the experience. And they can either add meaning, relevance and deliver consistently memorable experiences. Or you will become a commodity. There’s not much in between. After having studied many companies that excel at customer experience, we have learned that they all employ individuals who are Surprising, Touching, Assisting and Recognizing their customers. That is the basis of our front line staff training program STARS, just one of our customer experience programs.


Look towards the future of your organization. Where are you now? Where are you going? And what do you need to get there? The roadmap to success might be constantly changing, but the skills are clear: Innovation, collaboration, risk taking, and good communication are important in every layer of the company. Leadership should be a spirit that runs through your entire organization. Our new presentation-workshop gets people on their feet and out of their comfort zone for a fun and interactive program tailored for your organization.


Our services aren’t only suitable for businesses. Teamwork, active listening and building on each other’s ideas are important for students and faculty’s development. We will help students become more comfortable speaking in front of an audience and have great shows we can bring to your school event.


Boom Chicago for Business creates campaigns that can be presented across multiple platforms. We will start fresh or work with your existing creative to develop internal and external marketing campaigns. We have a talented team of actors, writers, musicians, and video creators and we love crazy projects!


Looking to make your event more fun? What are you celebrating? We offer a number of exciting comedy shows to make your evening funnier and more memorable. We would love to write a show that’s entirely about you or let us dip into our extensive repertoire. Read more.


Pep Rosenfeld is a partner in Boom Chicago for Business and writes tailored presentations for companies about innovation, strategy, and trends. He is one of the best and most sought after English speaking hosts in Europe. He hosts events like The Next Web, The Nordic Business Forum, TEDx, NEXT, Accenture Innovation Awards, Liberty Global Awards and Heineken’s Global Bartender Finals.


Using improv and comedy, we focus on communication skills and dealing with the demands of the complex business environment. We work with leaders on presentation skills and how to connect with their audience. We help teams see the value in collaboration and assist in the implementation of new programs. We work with leadership, executive teams and talent development plus programs for customer facing teams. And, oh yeah – Your team will have a blast.


Our tailored comedy will support the messages of the meeting and connect with your audience. Great hosts make a difference and our English speaking MCs are among the best. We balance a light touch with serious messages to support your speakers and help the day reach its goals. The earlier you bring us in, the more we can help.

Saskia Maas is happy to tell you more. Fill in this form or send her an email at [email protected].