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Time to Plan Now!

A face to face event connects your staff, clients and/or partners from all around the world, giving them an opportunity to engage with you, your content and each other. Boom Chicago’s tailored comedy helps you connect with your audience, make messages land better and create a lasting impression.

Great hosts make a difference and our English speaking MCs are of top quality. We balance a light touch with serious messages to support your speakers and help the event reach its goals.

Equipped with smart comedy, we energize the audience, lead interactive panel discussions, be the bridge from segment to segment and wrap up the day with high energy content. And because we can improvise we can deal with any unforeseen issues that are inevitable at high stakes events.


Tailored comedy helps connect with your audience and supports the messages of your meeting. You provide the details, and we will find the hysterical side of your strategy, industry, (and colleagues). Boom Chicago brings the energy, grabs attention, and reinforces your message with big laughs.

Bring us in early to help plan your event. We are full of good ideas and rich with experience.


Don’t just watch. Do! Our interactive programs work on skills relating to leadership, communication, presenting and rewarding creativity.   

We are ‘department agnostic.’ We enjoy working with sales, HR, L&D, Marketing, Communications and customer facing teams. Just not Legal. Lawyers don’t have a sense of humor.


Great hosts make a difference and our English speaking emcees are the best. We balance serious messages with a light touch to support your speakers and help the day soar. We celebrate your company, interview the stars, field questions, and make your audience laugh. Not only do we keep the event on track and on time, we take it to the next level.

Our hosts are knowledgeable and empathetic. And if something goes wrong (not unheard of), a professional on stage can help solve things, fill time, and make people laugh.

Saskia Maas is happy to tell you more. Fill in the form below or send her an email at [email protected].



”Absolutely no way we could have done this without you”

Thank you for all your hard work, for the great laughs, a great event and all the excitement. It's been a blast and there's absolutely no way we could have done this without you.

– Rachid Finge, Communications Manager - Google Nederland
”An outstanding job, clearly one of the highlights!”

Thanks a million for your team’s fantastic performance at our conference. Your team did an incredible job translating our strategy into comedy. It would be impossible for it to have gone any better. They did an outstanding job, and were clearly one of the highlights. The feedback from our top managers was great.

– Tom Schaefer, DHL
“We've been working together for a decade and they keep amazing me! ”

What a pleasure to organise the first hybrid event for Topcon Positioning Group with Boom Chicago. Thanks Andrew Moskos for yet another great job.

– Heleen Konermann, Channel Events Manager EMEA – Topcon Xperience Cannes
“Thanks for reminding us that a healthy dose of humor is helpful in all aspects of life”

It was wonderful to be with you at the Inaugural Global Advisory Leadership Forum event in London. Your Leading with Improvisation presentation was a great close out to our program. The troupe’s skills are impressive and the leaders said it was a high point in the overall program. Superb energy and commitment!

– Norman Lonergan, Global Vice Chair – Advisory, EY
”The session got everyone going and thinking differently”

We really appreciated the session. Especially in the context of the two days, it was very useful!

– Chris MacDonald – Heineken
”You helped us develop as a team!”

Thanks again for your great support during our meeting. You helped us greatly!

– Marc de Vries – Parkmobile
”Fantastic workshop in Athens!”

Thanks very much for the fantastic workshop in Athens. We got GREAT feedback from our colleagues.

– Mimi Chen – TP Vision Europe (Philips TV and Audio)