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Yes, We are OPEN on Christmas!

Quick Details

Come and celebrate Christmas at Boom Chicago! Come for cocktails every day (including Dec 24, 25 and 26) at our pop-up Christmas cocktail bar.

On Dec 24 and 26, we have even more: Dinner and an improv comedy show! Come first for cocktails (if you like) in our fully-decked out Christmas cocktail bar. Then it’s on to the theater for a delicious dinner, followed by Sitcom, our amazing sketch and improv show.

Laughs, dinner and drinks with people you love… Is there a better way to celebrate Christmas?

Show and dinner One person
Show and dinner For Two
Show and dinner For Three
Show and dinner For Four
Show and dinner For Five
Show and dinner For Six
Show and dinner For Seven
Show and dinner For Eight

a bunch of different types of food on a plate

Come celebrate the holidays at Boom Chicago with friends, colleagues and family. We serve large platters, bowls and dishes for a delicious dinner

Welcome platter (vegan)

  • Sliced raw vegetables, flat bread, olives, to enjoy with a delicious lime hummus. Served with olive oil and sea salt on the table
  • Delicious Appetizers, all three!
    • Beef carpaccio with pine nuts, rucola and truffle mayonnaise (red meat, mmm)
    • A flakey puff pastry tart with feta, wild spinach and a light bechamel sauce (vegan)
    • Caesar Salad (vegan)

Main courses — All of them!

  • Savory, tender Mediterranean chicken from the oven with pickled lemon, garlic and rosemary (meat)
  • A hearty medley of roasted seasonal vegetables including sweet potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, and pumpkin (vegan)
  • Melanzane alla Parmigiana; The classic! Roasted eggplant, tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, parmesan cheese (vegan)
  • Extra cheesy potato gratin (vegan)

Optional extra main course dish:
Grilled bavette served with gremolata, a delicious green sauce of garlic, lemon zest and chopped parsley for only €6,50 p.p. minimum 4 people (Because sometimes you want steak!)

International Desserts – No need to choose

  • Homemade Dutch apple pie
  • American Brownies with walnuts and caramel. America knows chocolate!
  • French creamy yogurt topped with red fruit and almond crumble

‘Shared Dining family style’ dinner & show
€69,50 p.p.

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