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The Best Travel Advice and the Absolute Cheapest Tickets

a train on a track with smoke coming out of the water

A peak admission ticket is only €45 and can even be a few euros less on quieter days. Take that Disney! More info at

Unfortunately Efteling is not in Amsterdam. It’s 90 minutes away. 

1) Take the train from Amsterdam to Den Bosch (also unfortunately known as ‘s Hertogenbosch — SAIR-toh-gen-BOS). That takes an hour. Trains depart Amsterdam all the time, and the best ones that leave Amsterdam around :15 and :45 after the hour have a good connection with Bus 300. 

2) Bus 300 (towards Tilburg) from Den Bosch is the fastest to the park (only 20 minutes). The local takes more than an hour. Don’t make that mistake! 

3) SAVE MONEY You can book a single train-bus-entrance ticket valid any day through Jan 2 with this link: NS SpoordeelWinkel. That is only €49 off peak (off peak only applies to the train so all day Saturday and Sunday is allowed and weekday train travel is permitted after 9:00am and before 16:00 — or after 18:30). 

The website is only in Dutch, thanks for nothing NS, but Google can translate the webpage. The return train by itself (full price) is €33 and the bus €5. So €49 all-in is a great price. It’s worth the pain in the ass of booking this here.


Life is Better When You Laugh
The Unlikely Success of Boom Chicago 

Nothing is better than sitting at a table with your friends and laughing at great live comedy. We missed it in the pandemic, but live is back!

Boom Chicago have been making audiences in Amsterdam laugh for over 25 years.  Back in 1993, three great friends fell in love with Amsterdam and started the Amsterdam institution. Click here for that story. Over the years Boom Chicago, launched the careers of many great writers and performers including Seth Meyers, Jordan Peele, Jason Sudeikis (plus the creators of Ted Lasso). Also Amber Ruffin, Ike Barinholtz, Kay Cannon, Brendan Hunt. We could go on…  The next generation is on stage right now.

What are you doing tonight? Boom Chicago! The current show ‘Sitcom is their best in years.’ The sketch and improv show about the 90s is now playing in their big theater.

Rozengracht 117. Get tickets here. No show December 25 or 31. Hangover Show Jan 1 at 20:00.

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