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Amsterdam Fringe Festival – PC Dreams

Quick Details

PC Dreams
by Xenia Perek 
& Arthur Guilleminot 
Visual monodrama about dreams, fantasy and happiness that transcends the ages.
03 SEP Friday 18:45-19:40 Boom Chicago
04 SEP Saturday 19:45-20:40 Boom Chicago
09 SEP Thursday 20:00-20:55 Compagnietheater
10 SEP Friday 22:00-22:55 Compagnietheater
Single Ticket 1 person
CJP 1 person
“In sleep our relation to reality is temporarily suspended . ” H. Segal.
Winner of The Next Best Fringe Award is Back!
Mixing style from XVII – on, performance artist Xenia Perek impersonates five subversive, radical and improbable characters that form a constellation of a climactic experience. Through atmospheric installation, and outrageous detailed costume by artist Arthur Guilleminot, PC Dreams is a multidisciplinary and multidimensional experience. 

As much as in a dream, their performance aspires to be a cosmic event and a special psychic energy. Thus the world and its characters created in PC Dreams renegotiate a status quo of d human values, introducing hilarious, empowering, angrodynous and aspirational perspectives. Think of an affair, a state of alarm, an olympic sprint with a giggle of laughter.In the awe for alteration, artist Arthur Guilleminot creates a spatial installation, a womb-teleport for the audience to get actively inside the Perek’s instinctual material. 

PC Dreams travel through epochs, Amsterdam’s queer nightlife and visual art production in a lookout for emotional prosperity and cosmic purpose. The work sums as a totality of hourly long visual, sonic, somatic and conceptual fun. 

Xenia Perek (1993, PL – NL) is a performance artist based in Amsterdam.

Perek creates physical and mental scores located in nocturnal venues and nightlife.

The sensorial imagery is for her the content and means of narration. Thus, her shows are body-builded momentums which can be seen separately, if not even as a photograph. She surrounds herself by explicit stories, dreams, life situations, physical states, which she terms as dynamic instinctual material. Perek’s characters are creating various un/effectiveness and energy in the socio-economical world they been placed at, as the quest for negotiations on how we live.

Perek is part of one of oldest Amsterdam’s drag queen House of Hopelezz. She is represented by a contemporary art gallery ADA in Rome.

Arthur Guilleminot (1992) is an artist with ‘ecodeviant’ work, living in Amsterdam. He was born in France into a family that ignores imposed standards. Arthur’s work is a strategy to facilitate the flowering of different identities, without shame and non-normative. While he plays with exciting shapes, gender and sexuality, his art calls for your hand, your body and your head to be absorbed in an experience. After his art training at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, his work currently explores ways to decolonize disgust, means ‘Camp’ aesthetics and jokes.
His work has been shown in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, France and Switzerland.