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  • Tickets on sale August 16 at 12:00!

Arjen Lubach returns September 2

Quick Details

One night only: September 2 at 19:00 and 21:15

Tickets on sale August 16 at 12:00 

Arjen Lubach returns September 2!

If you are an Arjen Lubach fan and missed his summer try-out last month, you are in luck! For two exclusive shows, Arjen returns!

  • A free “sneltest” proof of vaccination or having had corona is required. Bring proof or upload it to the corona test app for access. Book your sneltest at Check below for more information on the current Corona measures.
General Admission
Couch for two
Drinks in the theater
The main floor will have drink service during the show, but it’s not quite restaurant service. A smart drinker would get pitchers of beer, an ice bucket of bottles, or a bottle of wine at the bar and bring them in.

We do not accept cash at the theater. We only accept pin and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, AmEx). If you only bring cash, then your friend will have to pay for the drinks. Damn!

Important corona policies
This show will be seated with a full house without social distancing.
You are required to be vaccinated, have had corona or do a free rapid covid test (sneltest) at a testing location the day before or the day of the show. It’s a small pain we know, but what can you do?

Are you fully vaccinated or have you had corona?
If you live in the Netherlands, download the Dutch government’s Corona Check App and upload your vaccination status (or your ‘I had corona’ status). We will check your status on your phone or in a print out and check a photo ID. We will accept proof of vaccination from the US and other European countries.

Otherwise you will need to take a free sneltest

— Make an appointment for the day of or the day before with (also in English). Show your proof of a negative result on the Corona Check App at the door with your photo ID. Results are usually available in one hour, although delays are possible. Getting a test earlier rather than later is a good idea. There is a test location near the theater on the Rozengracht.

— Everyone aged 14 or above needs a sneltest. (Everyone 13 or under is probably at the wrong show.)

Thanks again for all the nonsense. All we can do is smile!
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