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  • EURO 2020 13/06

Boom Chica-goal: Starring Holland and Ukraine

Quick Details

Bars can’t show the game, but Boom Chicago can with an exciting football evening co-hosted by De Speld and Boom Chicago. Stand up comedy from Biddy Kemery. De Speld football quiz by Thomas Hogeling. Max Verstand performs Wij Komen tot de Achtste Finale live!

Admission Holland - Ukraine 13/06
Admission Holland - Austria 17/06
Admission Holland - N. Macedonia 21/06

Boom Chica-goal: Starring Holland and Ukraine on Sunday June 13

A great night and great atmosphere for only €10. No sneltest required.

20:00  Arrival
20:30  Act I: Biddy and Thomas live. Max Verstand sings Wij Komen tot de Achtste Finale 
21:00  Pauze. Enjoy the game on the big screen
21:45  Act II: De Speld Quiz by Thomas Hogeling (in Dutch)
22:00  Pauze. Enjoy the game. The bar closes
22:45 Act III: Celebration (on the way to the Achtste Finale!)

Safe seating, drinking and mask use in the theater
Everyone will be ready to have fun! Like at all Boom Chicago shows, there will be drink service at your table. Masks are required while entering and walking through the theater. At your table please take your mask off and enjoy the show and drink. We seat parties with space between groups. On the balcony, there are clear shields between most parties.

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