Faust. The Ritual. The play goes beyond the traditional theater. This is a synthesis of physical and dramatic theaters. Amazing calisthenics, incredible music, powerful acting performance immerse the viewer into the otherworldly reality and the secrets of the subconsciousness.
A magical ritual on the verge of reality and sleep. The last hour of Faust, when there is no way to stop the time. The contract is signed with blood. The devil stands behind his back. Onstage is the atmosphere of a thriller and a cruel show. The play is a message about the duality of life: the Devil and God, cruelty and holy, truth and lies. In the head of Faust, the echoes of Goethe's great text rumble. A moment stops, stopping the heart of Faust. Chilling cold and fear, pain and despair. Drama about the superman, forbidden desires, loneliness, love and death. Today, we take our place in the queue to the devil, to sell our soul and body forever.

A theater that works in its unique genre, combining in calisthenics and dramatic theater performances. Acting, accuracy of movement, incredible music are breathtaking. The plays immerse the viewer into the otherworldly reality and the secrets of the subconscious. The atmosphere on the stage is felt by the skin.

Anton Mozgalev was born in 1984. He graduated from the Novosibirsk Theater Institute. Director, Actor of "Drama&Physical Theater" (Moscow).
Plays in performances: «Caligula. City of Angels», «Faust. The Ritual», «Macbeth. Reconstruction», «Silencio», «Marquis De Sade», «Hamlet's Body», «Executor. System», «The Black Square», «Henrich IV», actor of the Moscow Theater "Blacksywhite", «Astronomy for Insects», «USSR was here», «Bertrand's Toys», «La Llorona», «Triada», and others. He is touring in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Great Britain, Austria, Finland, Belgium, Korea, the Czech Republic, and others. Played at famous theatrical festivals in Edinburgh (Scotland) and London, Perigeoux (France), Glastonbury (Great Britain) and many others. Took a part in tours by the invitation of Pierre Cardin (Paris), etc. Member of the Russian Union of Theater Workers.

"I love a hellish mixture of ugliness and beauty in plays. To the good and love my heroes come through evil and crimes... All the performances in my life are the most important events and
the main ones. There is nothing more. The rest is not important..."

Genre : Mystical drama
Text : Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Performed in Russian language. (English subtitles)
Duration : 60 min.

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  • Starring

  • Directed by

    Anton Mozgalev

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  • Musician

    Anton Mozgalev

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