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May 30: Julia Samuel – School of Life

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Julia Samuel: Every Family Has a Story

At some point in therapy, everyone starts talking about their family, the bestselling psychotherapist Julia Samuel realised. She wrote a great book about family relationships and we are happy to announce that she, one of our all-time favourite speakers, will be with us in Amsterdam on Monday the 30th of May! During this special event in Boom Chicago, she will help you to better understand your family story and provide you with inspiration to improve the relationships that matter most to you.

Why do some families thrive in adversity while others fragment? Why do our families drive us mad (and why do we drive them mad)? And how can even small changes greatly improve our relationships?

In her latest book ‘Every Family Has a Story’ Julia Samuel turns from her acclaimed work with individuals to draw on her therapy sessions with a wide variety of families. She shows how much of what we struggle with is, in fact, inherited – and how much can be healed when it is faced together.

During this event she will invite you to have a closer look at the stories that live within your own family. This will help you find the courage to have meaningful conversations and initiate change. Julia Samuel will use her vast experience as a psychotherapist and incorporate the latest academic research to provide you with the tools to improve your relationships. So get ready to take a step towards creating the family you wish for.

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