Legends of Rob, The rock is non-stop and the comedy is rolling...

Legends of Rob is a comedy event about the exciting world of live music performance done on a rock festival scale! With his thirty years of insider experience onstage and backstage, comedian Rob AndristPlourde reveals an electric, exciting and ridiculous look at those people “in the business” and the life they lead before they hit the stage, which is never as real as their social media has you believe.

In his latest stand up comedy experience, Legends of Rob, you go behind the scenes and into the always outrageous music scene. You are the VIP at the music festival with access to soundcheck, performers and crew who all have something to say. Rob is your roadie, band, security, diva, dj, dealer, and cast of people who share their stories on making performances “rock”.

From the fifteen rules to rock at festivals to the reunion tour that will never die, Rob helps you discover your new favorite band (because really, your old favorite bands are doing fine without you!) and what to do in case you meet your musical hero (be polite and don’t freak).

It’s sex, drugs and rock and roll! Baby wipes, wool and regretful tattoos! The rock is non stop and the comedy is rolling…

This comedy show is entirely in English. The show lasts around 2 hours. Click on a date to see the starting time and then click on "Buy Tickets" to see prices.

  • Starring

  • Directed by

    Michael Diederich

  • Technician

    Emil Struijker | Tyrone Dierksen

  • Musician

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    Starting from: €15

  • Stage Manager / Director Assistant