Merry Improv Christmas

#FoodAndComedy - No better place to spend the holidays than in our theater

Nothing says more holiday spirit than laughter! Merry Improv Christmas is our holiday show which will be playing on our main stage during Christmas eve through December 26th.

During the holidays is when you actually have to face the people you've been afraid to Facetime. Which better place to have this reunion than in our theater? We introduce to you: a fine blend of Christmas improvisations and some funny sketches of our show Facetime your Fears!

Get discount by booking your complete holiday night out in advance. Convince your family, friends and/or colleagues! No one wants to clean up after a Christmas dinner at their place, right? Leave that up to us! Just like the food, the drinks AND the fun!


About our Food

Our chefs have prepared a delicious roast menu to be served two hours prior to the show. You will have enough time to sit back, relax and enjoy a quality night out. The dinner is served on a giant plank, with plenty of food and enough variety to satisfy your entire group. Sharing is caring! Find out more about our It's a roast menu.

It's a roast Boom Chicago


About our show

Boom Chicago knows it’s a scary world out there. Creepy Uber drivers. Donald Trump. And your mother-in-law being just one Facetime call away. The good news is, everything you’re scared of is also pretty funny. Especially during the holidays... When you actually have to face the people you've been afraid to Facetime.

In our show, Facetime Your Fears, we take a look at what scares us in the modern world and the hilarious ways we deal with it. Using lightning fast improvisation, razor sharp writing, awesome music and modern technology ripped from your smartphone, Boom Chicago roasts it all. Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us laugh harder.


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  • Starring

  • Directed by

    Pep Rosenfeld

  • Technician

    Emil Struijker | Brian Tjon Ajong

  • Musician

    Sacha Hoedemaker

  • Tickets

    Starting from: €60