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Meta Luck Next Time

Quick Details

VIB Table Seat Very Important Butts
Couch for Two Best Seats
General Admission
General Admission Students (Valid with Student ID)
General Admission CJP (Valid with CJP card)
Academy Students For Boom Chicago Academy Students
General Admission for 2 What a deal!

Boom Chicago into the Metaverse | Meta Luck Next Time

Meta Luck Next Time!
Choose your avatar, escape reality and join the cast of Boom Chicago for a hilarious, live, in-person comedy show at the edge of the metaverse. Meta Luck Next Time! is the new hit show from the comedians at Boom Chicago in Amsterdam.

Metaverse and Chill
We all know the metaverse is coming, but what will we do there? Meet friends? Kill time? Learn things? Solve problems? Or just ‘Metaverse and Chill?’ Will it be a joy like social media is today, or will it be a hell like social media is today? You’re guaranteed to laugh out loud hard at Boom Chicago’s trademark mix of topical comedy plus music and tech.

Cast & crew
Director: Sam Super
Cast & writers: Simon Lukacs, Stacey Smith, Matt Castellvi and newcomers Katie Nixon and Terrance Lamonte Jr.
Light & sound tech design plus live technical improvisation: Emil Struijker-Boudier
Musical production and live improvisational accompaniment by Emmy Award-winner: Sacha Hoedemaker

About director Sam Super:
Sam is a Chicago-based director, actor, and teacher. He’s a graduate of the Second City Directing Program and a proud alum of Boom Chicago in Amsterdam. Sam has taught and performed in dozens of countries, including a recent residency in China.

From Andrew Moskos, Artistic Director and Founder Boom Chicago:
“This is an exciting moment to be at the dawn of the metaverse. We don’t know what it will be like or who will control it, but we know something like Ready Player One is coming. Boom Chicago loves to be at the place where technology and sociology and life intersect.”

From Associate Artistic Director, Stacey Smith:
“As a cast member myself, the metaverse was at the forefront of all our minds. Especially through two years of being online, the idea of escaping to a different reality is really fascinating. We are thrilled to bring Sam Super over to direct our show. Not only is he a brilliant director and performer, but to have the lens from a former cast member is paramount. He already has an understanding of the international perspective we like to bring to our shows and has first-hand, in-depth knowledge.”

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