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Quick Details

Come to Pints & PowerPoints, where eight presenters have five minutes each to present on ANY subject they like.

General Admission

Drink and learn things at Pints & PowerPoints, the original comedy show where eight presenters have five minutes each deliver a PowerPoint on any subject they like. Previous subjects have included a beginner’s guide to hypnotism, the Boston Molasses Flood, the 2002 Olympic ice-skating scandal, and the dietary requirements of Sonic the Hedgehog. What will this month’s subjects include? Show up to find out!

Next show line-up: 

  • Guru Khalsa – Some of My Favourite Numbers
  • Julie Kasinski – Regency-Era Romances: How They Ruined My Life
  • Mario Ramirez – Unappreciated Jobs
  • Violeta Gago – Pubic Hair Will Save the World
  • Mash Muravina – *Improvised Mystery Topic*
  • Terrance Lamonte Jr. – The Racist World According to Disney
  • Katie Nixon – Sugar and Spice: Not Very Nice
  • Kevin Miller – Drop the Fucking Beat, Katy Perry