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  • November 21!

Pints and Powerpoints

Quick Details

General Admission: €12
Academy Admission: €6

Academy Admission Must be a Boom Chicago Academy student
General Admission

You know the first rule of PowerPoints: if you don’t like ‘em, just keep drinking. Come to Pints & PowerPoints, where eight presenters have five minutes each to present on any subject they like. Past subjects have included a beginner’s guide to hypnotism, the Boston Molasses Flood, the 2002 Olympic ice-skating scandal, and the dietary requirements of Sonic the Hedgehog. What will next month’s subjects include? Show up to find out!

The lineup for presentations:

* Jenny Hasenack – My Favorite Molecule: The Buckyball
* Emil Struiker Boudier – (Not) Wrestling
* Kiki Hohnen – The Effect of Reverse Harassment on Street Harassers: A Non-
* Randomised Controlled Trial
* Timmy Guiney – The Gaeltachts in Ireland: A Rite of Passage
* Nirvi Maru – How to Avoid Death
* Gael Doorneweerd-Perry – Mathematic International Notation System for Ball-Juggling
* Cené Hale – Circle Jerk: Tornadoes and Why They Blow
* Kevin Miller – What the Fuck is a Chicken?

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