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Be part of the studio audience: Shot of Improv streaming taping

Boom Chicago’s Saturday night late show returns, live and online, with Shot of Improv: Pandemic Edition. Why is it so funny? Three reasons: We quarantine together. We improvise together. We drink together. And now you’re invited! With the studio audience tickets, you will be part of a small group of people who are watching the streaming of our show, live, in-person at the theater.

July 4 – all proceeds of Shot of Improv to the NAACP to support Black Lives Matter

This week, we are donating all proceeds of Shot of Improv to the NAACP. Founded in 1909, the ‘N Double A-C-P’ is one of America’s oldest race relations and advocacy organizations for black issues. Today it focuses on legal issues relating to African Americans, especially at the ballot box. And since we have a President and a Republican party that seems to be doing everything to limit the black vote, Boom Chicago sees this is an important way to affect positive change in America for blacks.

Policing priorities have to change and we support budget priorities that benefit black Americans rather than jails them. It is a shame we have to say any of this, but we also stand firmly behind First Amendment rights of free speech, a free press, and peaceful protest as written clearly in the U.S. Constitution.

NAACP donation show

The show is based on our long running Shot of Improv, with many short scenes based on audience suggestions. Accompanying the actors is Sacha Hoedemaker, our music director who adds energy and musical improvisation.

Expect a bit of chaotic energy. There will be cables on the ground and actors running around. Please be careful and try to stay out of the way. Naturally, don’t touch equipment.

The bar will be open downstairs. Bring your drinks with you to the Upstairs Theater.

We will be practicing social distancing. Although you may sit next to and be close to those you come with, please stay 1,5m away from everyone else including our staff and actors. Do not move your seats please.

If you or anyone in your house is sick, of course you must stay home. If you are well, then we look forward to seeing you at the theater!

Please arrive at 22:00, wash your hands when you arrive and get your drinks. Please be upstairs and seated by 22:20 at the latest. The show lasts about an hour, but could run late. It will probably be social and fun after the show as well.