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Friends night out!

Bring your friend group for a comedy night out!

Dinner & show package deal for 6-15 people

Into the Metaverse: Meta Luck Next Time (Thursdays/Saturdays)
Our new mainstage comedy show! Join Boom Chicago as we look into the future for a hilarious, live comedy sketch and improv show about how the newest tech will change our lives.

Improv Spectacular (Fridays)
The show that made Boom Chicago famous! This fast-paced funny night features our top cast making you (and themselves) laugh based on audience suggestions.

Musical Improv Spectacular (Wednesdays)
Buckle up for a night of laughter and improvised comedy songs! This is a super fun improv show with a local guest storyteller providing the inspiration each week!


18:00 Arrive for a drink at the bar (17:30 Fri & Sat)
18:30 Enter the main theater or mezzanine for dinner (18:00 Fri & Sat)
18:45 A delicious Italian dinner is served (18:15 Fri & Sat)
20:00 The Boom Chicago show (19:30 Fri & Sat)
22:00 Approximate end of show (21:30 Fri & Sat)

Friends Night Out — Groups between 6-15 people: €59.95 pp

  • Book online
  • Menu includes meat and vegetarian items. Eat (or don’t eat) what you like!
  • All vegetarian menu is available as an option
  • For questions see the FAQ

Our specially selected caterers have designed a terrific Italian dinner to be served before the show. The menu is a delicious combination of shared dishes that will please both meat lovers and vegetarians. Our meat is halal.

Below is an indicative menu subject to ingredient availability, seasonal changes, and chef creativity. There could be (delicious) changes that we stand behind.


Two bruschettas: Toasted bread sprinkled with olive oil and sea salt. One is topped with eggplant and the other with tasty tomatoes (veg).

Mixed antipasti platter: Various sliced Italian meats, caprese, and grilled vegetables. Yum!


We always offer two delicious handmade pastas with garlic and Italian herbs, one with veggies and one with meat.

We recently have been serving:

  • Rigatoni with Italian beef ragu
  • Melanzane parmigiana with tagliatelle


A fudgy brownie with salted caramel sauce


The bar serves a variety of (also local) beer, great wines from Grape District, and delicious cocktails. Drinks are not included in the package.

Normally we ask you to settle up your drinks with dinner at the bar before you go into the theater. Then you can pay per round for drinks in the theater. If you would like to open a tab for the whole night, please talk to your waiter.


Since it is shared dining, anyone in your group can eat more of one and less of the other. Only if your entire group only liked the same item could there be issues.

If you prefer, an all vegetarian package is available. The (only) other option is the standard meat and veggie mix.

There are no nuts and these packages are not vegan. We are not a proper restaurant, so unfortunately we are not able to be more flexible.

Check out our FAQ’s here

To book Friends Night Out Packages (6-15 people), via this page you can make your online reservation.
For Corporate Group
Packages (15 or more people), please email [email protected]