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Dinner and Comedy Show for Groups

Into the Metaverse | Meta Luck Next Time

Bring your group for a night out into the metaverse!

The new comedy show ‘Into the Metaverse | Meta Luck Next Time’ is a great night out for your team or group.

About the show:
Meta Luck Next Time! is the new hit show from the comedians at Boom Chicago in Amsterdam. Choose your avatar, escape reality and join the cast of Boom Chicago for a hilarious, live, in-person comedy sketch and improv show about the metaverse.

What to expect:
Hilarious sketches and improv scenes about the metaverse and what might happen there! Expect quality music, songs, and high energy.


With delicious food, a wide range of drinks and our world-famous comedy shows, your evening is exciting and easy to arrange.

Our chefs Nicole & Janneke have prepared a menu to be served in our theater before the show. The menus are a mix of their European and American food adventures. Based on many years of culinary and catering experience with their company ‘Puur Genieten’.


This proposal (€69.50 pp) is based on the combination of dinner and Into the Metaverse show for groups starting with 15 people. Prior to the Metaverse Comedy show on Thursday or Saturday evening, we offer you the opportunity to eat with your group in a private setting in the theater. After dinner when the show starts, there will be other people in the theater.

What to expect on a Thursday Night:
17:30 – Arrive at Boom Chicago, get a drink at the bar
18:00 – Enter the theatre
18:15 – Dinner is served
19:30 – Other spectators enter the theatre
20:00- 22:00 – Into the Metaverse including intermission

If you would like a private dinner and tailored show with your own times and your own interpretation of the program, that is also possible.

For a proposal, please contact Nicolette Aschermann ([email protected])