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What do you know about my company? 
More than you think… but not nearly enough. Yet.
We will send you a short (but not that short) questionnaire to help us create content for your event. Typically we call or meet to ask follow-up questions and make sure we truly understand. We then write scripts and create a tailored program. After we receive feedback from you, we make changes.

Why should we trust a bunch of comedians with our important event? 
Because we care about your event. We are comedians, yes, but we are creating something for you. Andrew and Pep also co-run the company and have for over 25 years. They know what it’s like to make a [digital] transformation, initiate a new strategy, train a team and even navigate a financial crisis. It’s just that while we do all those things, we also make jokes.

I’m a little nervous to book you guys.
That’s not really a question, but don’t be nervous; we will make your event better and more fun. If you feel iffy about a joke, we are happy to change or cut it. Once you sign off on our scripts, we perform them, and everyone congratulates you on your bold, wise choice to bring us in. We drink a few glasses of your wine and look forward to your next event!

What if we don’t like the script you like?
Kinda feel like we just answered that, but I guess it’s worth repeating: This is your event, not ours. Our top priority is supporting your event and your message. So we make sure you approve of our script before we perform it. We are happy to change or cut whatever we write.

Are you sure you won’t cross the line and offend my boss or members of the team from different cultures, countries, genders, or whatevers?
I’m curious what a different ‘whatever’ is. But yes, we’re sure. If you come to our theater and see a show, you might get offended. That won’t happen when we come to your event. We celebrate diversity of all kinds, and make fun of a lack of it whenever we see it (unless you ask us not to).

How long does this process take?
It depends on what you need from us. The earlier you bring us in, the more we can help make the event the best it can be. The best is six weeks or more lead time, but it can be less. There have been some great last minute projects that were fantastic. If deadlines are tight, you need to get us good information quickly and give fast feedback.

These ‘improvisation-based activities’… isn’t that just a bunch of touchy-feely theater games?
No. The improvisation skills we use on stage and on which the activities are based are relevant in the business world. We focus on the deliverable skills and takeaways people can use. The activities demonstrate and serve as metaphors for the greater communication messages to make your business work better. We’re not teaching business people how to be comedians. (That can happen at the Boom Chicago Academy)

Can you do things that aren’t listed here or on your website?
Wow, that’s such an easy question that the authenticity of this whole Q & A is now in doubt. But yes, we have experience from literally hundreds of events.

You’re based in Amsterdam; will you go anywhere else?
We do a lot of work in Europe and also farther like North America, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia, but not yet Africa (Come on, Attijariwafa Bank). So yes, we will go anywhere… Except Switzerland.

Our business is serious as is our message. We’re dealing with sensitive stuff. Why would we pay you to make fun of it?
We realize that the fact that it’s serious means people are thinking about it. As outsiders, we have a unique freedom to name the elephants in the room. Our humor can open doors to discussing topics which might otherwise be seen as off limits. If an organization does not engage a (tough) conversation, it will go on without them.
Communicating with your team requires the same level of engagement used to communicate with your customers.

How much does this cost?
(a) It depends what you need from us and how much work it will take and
(b) Hopefully about 15% more than you’re thinking. Talk to Saskia Maas.

Isn’t this whole FAQ format just an excuse to make dull information more engaging and perhaps fun to read?
Yeah, that’s kind of our thing.

Saskia is happy to tell you more, send her an e-mail at [email protected]. Do you prefer to be contacted? Fill in the form below.

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