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The Best of Both Worlds!

Hybird events combine the low cost of attending a digital event with the power of some guests being at the event live. From a planning point of view, the big decision is whether your event is a live event that is captured on camera for those at home (live-first) or if it is a digital event with guests in the studio experiencing it live (digital-first).

Boom Chicago are leaders in hybrid events for any size audiences. With tens of projects under our belts, we can create high-energy events with impact for every budget. With our rich experience, great writing, perfect hosting, and seamless integration with our tech partner, our events are among the best in the world. We will impress people and surprise the audience wherever they are sitting!


We create a tailored digital event about your company or event in the style of a Late Night Talk Show. This structure, with a mix of tailored content, interviews, music and video, gives your event the fun and bang to make your digital event stand out. This is no Zoom call.


Digital development programs can have many goals: Some workshops are designed to help teams bond when they are not in the same place or don’t see each other enough. Some workshops are to challenge people and help them hone their skills. Other programs are for leaders who lead in-office or virtual teams.

Boom Chicago can design an active program to help you reach most goals.


These short but effective sessions can be an exciting break from the routine. They can engage your audience, motivate your staff and break up a long event filled with content and messaging. Mini Sessions are also the perfect activity for an online social gathering like Friday afternoon drinks.


Great hosts make a difference and our English speaking MCs are among the best. We balance a light touch with serious messages to support your speakers and help the day reach its goals. Not only do we keep the even on track and on time, we will bring your event to the next level. With research and expertise, we will create a cohesive, entertaining and unforgettable event.


There is so much you can do with custom videos. Get people excited for your event with a video invitation. Hit your conference themes with video intermezzos. Create memorable content for an internal or external campaign! We can create great videos for almost every budget level.


Boom Chicago’s Rozentheater is one of the capital’s best locations and part of Unique Venues of Amsterdam. In addition to great facilities, our creativity and can-do attitude make us the perfect partners for your special event. Let’s work together to create something spectacular!


Don’t just watch. Do! Our interactive programs work on skills relating to leadership, communication, presenting and rewarding creativity.   

We are ‘department agnostic.’ We enjoy working with sales, HR, L&D, Marketing, Communications and customer facing teams. Just not Legal. Lawyers don’t have a sense of humor.

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For Boom Chicago, autumn usually means a return to big events. Luckily, that’s still true, but this year, most of these events are digital. Learn how digital events can be just as inspiring and engaging as the in-person variety.

Saskia Maas is happy to tell you more. Fill in this form or send her an email at [email protected].

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We Are Live is our livestream production partner and help us bring your digital event to the next level. We will produce your digital event, including live video and interaction with viewers anywhere in the world. We Are Live is an independent live video production agency, specializing in live content creation – supported by Miltenburg AV.

We are live Amsterdam

Boom Chicago for Business Testimonials

”Absolutely no way we could have done this without you”

Thank you for all your hard work, for the great laughs, a great event and all the excitement. It's been a blast and there's absolutely no way we could have done this without you.

– Rachid Finge, Communications Manager - Google Nederland
”An outstanding job, clearly one of the highlights!”

Thanks a million for your team’s fantastic performance at our conference. Your team did an incredible job translating our strategy into comedy. It would be impossible for it to have gone any better. They did an outstanding job, and were clearly one of the highlights. The feedback from our top managers was great.

– Tom Schaefer, DHL
“We've been working together for a decade and they keep amazing me! ”

What a pleasure to organise the first hybrid event for Topcon Positioning Group with Boom Chicago. Thanks Andrew Moskos for yet another great job.

– Heleen Konermann, Channel Events Manager EMEA – Topcon Xperience Cannes
“Thanks for reminding us that a healthy dose of humor is helpful in all aspects of life”

It was wonderful to be with you at the Inaugural Global Advisory Leadership Forum event in London. Your Leading with Improvisation presentation was a great close out to our program. The troupe’s skills are impressive and the leaders said it was a high point in the overall program. Superb energy and commitment!

– Norman Lonergan, Global Vice Chair – Advisory, EY
”The session got everyone going and thinking differently”

We really appreciated the session. Especially in the context of the two days, it was very useful!

– Chris MacDonald – Heineken
”You helped us develop as a team!”

Thanks again for your great support during our meeting. You helped us greatly!

– Marc de Vries – Parkmobile
”Fantastic workshop in Athens!”

Thanks very much for the fantastic workshop in Athens. We got GREAT feedback from our colleagues.

– Mimi Chen – TP Vision Europe (Philips TV and Audio)