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Heartthrob Live with Rob Anderson

After his successful American tour, it is now time for Rob Anderson to move into Europe with his comedy show Heartthrob Live. In his role as a young researcher, Rob tries to gain more knowledge by gathering information from the LGBTIQ+ community through his audience in different cities. Of course, he also shares all his own stories that he has kept far from the internet until now. The performance is a must-see for anyone who has ever watched LGBTIQ+ sex, or who would like to investigate this subject.

Rob Anderson is a comedian and content creator who broke through with his short sketches and parodies on various social media. He made series like Boyfriend Twins, or the hit Gay Science, in which he answers LGBTIQ+ questions in his own funny way. More than 2.5 million followers watch Ron Anderson’s unique comedy, in which he addresses recognizable LGBTIQ+ topics in a thoughtful yet tongue-in-cheek manner.

Rob Anderson is also the author of The Fergamerican National Anthem, a bestselling book that explores Fergie’s infamous performance of the American national anthem. He was featured in Book Of Queer on Discovery+, and was named one of the 100 Most Influential LGBTIQ+ People in 2022 by OUT Magazine.