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Mixer Teams

Quick Details

Mixer Teams are a great way for a performer or student* to join the festival. Each of our three world-class teachers will offer a workshop on their specific format from 11:00-16:30 on Friday or Saturday. After happy hour and dinner, the three workshop teams will perform on one bill for a unique improv show on closing Saturday night.

*This is for intermediate performers with one year of experience or students enrolled in Level 4 or higher in the Boom Chicago Academy.

  • Katy Schutte’s Mixer Team: “Parent/Teacher Night”
    Saturday, July 31 – 11:00-16:30
  • Ella Galt’s Mixer Team: “The BIG Picture”
    Friday, July 30 – 11:00-16:30
  • Susan Harrison’s Mixer Team: “Once Upon a Time: An Improvised Narrative”
    Saturday, July 31 – 11:00-16:30

All mixer teams will perform in one show on Saturday, July 31 at 19:30

a person holding a signKaty Schutte

Katy Schutte is one of the UK’s original long form improvisers. She performs and teaches all over the world, is Head Teacher and Course Designer for Hoopla (the UK’s largest improv school), Co-Founder/Director at The Improv Place and has been one of The Maydays since their founding year in 2004 with stints as Director and Artistic Director. She is half of legendary sci-fi improv duo Project2 and author of The Improviser’s Way: A Longform Workbook, which is published by Nick Hern Books. Katy trained at Second City and iO Chicago and with teachers from the Annoyance, UCB, Groundlings, The Magnet and lots of other places.

Katy’s Mixer Team: “Parent/Teacher Night”

Katy’s original format that does just what it says on the tin. A simple structure with lots of character work and cause and effect. A fairly non-narrative show that can be played fast and funny or slow and realistic. 

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a close up of a personElla Galt

Ella Galt is an Australian actress and improviser who has been studying, performing and teaching theatre for over 15 years. She earned a B.A. in Theatre Studies at Monash University, Melbourne and her performance experience ranges from improvised and musical theatre to voice, theatre in education and dance. Since joining BIG in 2012 she has trained with some of the most renowned improv teachers and coaches in the world and has studied and performed in festivals around Europe. Now in Barcelona, Ella teaches at the BIG School of Improv, where she co-designed a unique curriculum to train committed, joyful and well-rounded improvisers.

Ella’s Mixer Team: “The BIG Picture”

Symmetry, depth, perspective- all words one might associate with a painting more than an improv performance, yet these elements are what make up our world, and are what the audience see when they watch your show. The images we present to the audience affect how they interpret our work, while the physical choreography informs everything from a character’s emotional perspective, to the action of the scene itself.

In this format, we will explore how the content of each scene can inform its physical presentation and work with levels and body positioning, distance, stage craft and alternative performance
spaces to build scenes that are vibrant, multi-dimensional and expressive. Go beyond space work to unlock the beautiful work of art inside your scene.

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textSusan Harrison

Susan Harrison is an Improviser, Actress and Character Comedian. She is a member of Olivier Award-Winning Showstopper! The Improvised Musical and has performed with them both on the West End and internationally. She has her own improvised folk music show These Folk and has a character-driven two-prov group, BEINGS. Susan has appeared in three of the Annual London 50 hour Improvathons and has guested with Austentatious, GTI, Playground and The Actors Nightmare. She has been a teacher with the UK’s biggest improv school Hoopla for many years and has taught improvisation at various UK drama schools including; ALRA, The Bridge and GSA.

Sue’s Mixer Team: “Once Upon A Time: An Improvised Narrative”

A stimulating, engaging format that focuses on relationships and emotional change to tell the story. Improv doesn’t have to be funny. It is possible to forgo the laughs in order to tell the story so when the laughter does come, you’ve truly earned it. Some of the best comedy and the best theatre in the world has both laughter and emotional change at its heart, and that’s what we’ll be aiming for in this workshop. Improvising narrative is hard. Sometimes you can get so caught up in the plot that you forget to play the moment. So rather than worrying about a specific narrative format, we’ll be focusing on; emotional connection, listening to emotional offers and making bold choices to serve the story. 

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