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Quick Details

Nurse Blake

Nurse Blake is a male nurse who uses his experiences from the medical world in his hilarious live show. Whether it’s his college years or the many crazy happenings at a hospital bedside, Nurse Blake always manages to put a hilarious twist on the issues that medical staff must deal with his cheerful attitude. This performance is a celebration of nursing, an interactive evening full of masterful stories from the profession, told by someone who has years of experience. The tour has already sold more than 100,000 tickets and contains a cheerful mix of live sketches, videos and interactive presentations.

Blake became known for his funny and informative videos on his social media channels, with which he reaches a wide audience in addition to nursing staff. He now has more than 10 million unique visitors per month and the viral videos have been viewed more than 250 million times. He also started a popular podcast in 2021 with his husband Brett.

Nurse Blake worked for seven years in various roles at trauma centers across the US. He is also a founder of Nurses Support Their Young, a foundation that is committed to healthy working conditions throughout the healthcare sector. In addition, Nurse Blake created Nursecon, where nurses worldwide can receive free training and information.