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Queen Your Plate Drag Brunch Dec 5

Quick Details

Your favorite drag queen brunchers are back December 5 for Sinterklaas!
Put on your shoes! It is about to get absolutely stunning in the afternoon! Is it a show or brunch? Silly, it’s both! From 12:00 – 15:00
Show only Balcony seats
Brunch and Show Get seated at random with new people and get to know a whole new squad
Brunch and show Bring your own Partysquad!

Bringing the Bam to the Boom, Hostess Miss Vanity Love welcomes you to a fantastic afternoon.  Her drag performers will twirl, dance, and lip sync their way into your heart.

Which way do you lean? Option one is the Traditional Brunch with a plated meal from our kitchen plus cocktails delivered to your table. Or do you like number two? Get the giggles with an a la carte cocktail experience to cheer and enjoy the show. Food is for losers.

Soon it’s showtime: High energy fun with extra special games to connect you with our queens! With a dazzling show, fabulous drinks, and tastyyyy food, you’re gonna enjoy it so much you’re gonna Queen your Plate!

You can’t drink on an empty stomach, so we’ve arranged a modest brunch of bagels, salmon, hard boiled eggs, salad, donuts and orange juice! That means more money left for drinks!

Sit with your group or mix and match to find your new best friends! And who said that it takes two to brunch? Brunch only takes onech. Come solo and we hook you up at the table.

Line-Up : Subject to Change
– Miss Vanity Love
– The Kameleon
– Tipsy Patron
– Rose Shenee Plastique
– My Li’l Puny

Get your tickets now! 

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