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The Slut Garden

Welcome to The Slut Garden, where G-strings, eyelashes and luscious legs blossom. Are you ready for our tale of temptation? Delve into our mysterious world of eroticism and prepare yourself for a night filled with sinners, witches, slithering creatures and rock’n roll.

The Slut Garden is an ode to iconic female “monsters”. We are here to reclaim their stories through outrageously hypnotic dancing and death-defying aerial performances. Across the world, across centuries there are stories of women drawing victims into lust. Though the method of temptation varies – a beautiful face, a luscious body, a seductive voice – the story is usually the same: the woman who seems so appealing is both dangerous and hideous…

In our garden women aren’t prosecuted for their magic, they are celebrated. Indulge your eyes, surrender to our power and fall dangerously in love with us. Expect drama, adventure and a whole lot’ sex appeal.

We are beyond excited about our incredible international cast of iconic performers such as Estefania Jimenez, Doris Arnold, Arlene Geffrey, Yana Ruselvich and Ceci. Along with our beautiful resident sirens such as Anastasiia, Ness Lynx, Shiva Mugler, Nicole Spirit, Maria, Bonita, Xiomara, Anna-Liisa, Zoe, Janna, Domina, Kitana Hana, Saku Hana, Sofi and Alina.