Our Technology Partners

Boom Chicago has always loved the combination of creativity and technology. This is our most exciting and ambitious show yet with exciting technology partners Nodes Agency, Data Science Labs and Botnik.

Nodes Agency

Nodes Agency designed the Artificial Intelligence for our robot scene. The challenge was to create a robot could stay on a topic and come up with lines that were helpful in the scene. That’s tough for an AI who doesn’t know what is exactly funny. Nodes is also a digital leader in voice, app development and digital consultancy

Nodes Agency logo

Data Science Lab

Data Science Lab developed the facial recognition technology reader that shows similarities between audience members and celebrities.  They are also specialists with tooling and applications with data science.




Botnik developed AI for our song lyrics technology. They specialize in using AI to come up with language, lyrics and text. Click here to see more including their AI created music project called the Songularity.