Look Forward with our Vision 2020 Program

Look towards the future of you organization. Where are you now? Where are you going? And what do you need to get there? The roadmap to success might be constantly changing, but the skills are clear: innovation, collaboration, risk taking, and good communication are important in every layer of the company. Leadership should be a spirit that runs through your entire organization. How will your company transform in two and four years? Does everyone share the vision and is the whole organization working towards it? How do you get there from here? Boom Chicago’s smart insights and tailored comedy can help!

Boom Chicago’s Vision 2020 is an interactive company program that looks at the future of your organization and celebrates the success, roasts the failures and challenges the skeptics. It helps align a company and calls out the elephants in the room.
Yes, comedians will be your secret weapon.

Our 2020 program supports your (digital) transformation with a focus on nurturing leadership, encouraging innovation, and celebrating risk-taking. More than ever, organizations need collaboration, and good communication at every level of the company. And given that so many transformations are not exactly easy going, a little laughter is a great thing.

Boom Chicago’s Vision 2020 consists of the following:

  • Scripted Comedy: If people laugh at something, then it’s probably true.
  • A trainer-led discussion about the past and the future of your organization
  • An interactive workshop with the following goals:
    • Create a collaborative environment without too much ‘theater nonsense’
    • Make bold choices to support your teammates
    • Take risks which can mean being vulnerable
    • Reconnect to your mission and/or transformation
    • Be creative while working together to create something new

We look forward to creating a tailored interactive experience for your organization’s vision for 2020 and beyond!

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