Look Forward with our Vision 2020 Program

Look towards the future of you organization. Where are you now? Where are you going? And what do you need to get there? The roadmap to success might be constantly changing, but the skills are clear: Innovation, collaboration, risk taking, and good communication are important in every layer of the company. Leadership should be a spirit that runs through your entire organization. Our new presentation-workshop gets people on their feet and out of their comfort zone for a fun and interactive program tailored for your organization.

Look towards the future of your organization with Boom Chicago

Vision 2020, Boom Chicago’s new interactive presentation, is a 90 minute mix of scripted comedy and focused activities. This active program will get your team working together to lead your company towards 2020 and beyond. Vision 2020 will help communicate your strategy in an engaging way that makes your messages land and stick.

This format is flexible and can be adapted to your company’s goals and objectives. What is your vision 2020 and how can we support it with our new program?

Scripted Comedy: ‘Hindsight is 20/20’

We start with a look at what’s really going on with your team, your company and your marketplace. Based on information we get from you, we take off the rose colored glasses for a hilarious look at what’s on everyone’s mind. We name the elephants in the room so you can move forward together. Then we continue with a series of activities focused on the skills for growth and success: Innovation, collaboration, risk taking, and good communication

Create a Collaborative Environment: “Yes And” Teamwork

Participants split into groups of three. The goal: planning a party and seeing how the process differs in the face of teammates who respond, “No, I think…” versus “Yes, but…” versus “Yes, and…” It’s amazing to see the room change in a “Yes-and” environment. The volume goes up. We hear more laughter, and people literally lean in for a more supportive environment.

Make Bold Choices and Support Your Teammate: ABC

In pairs, the participants are asked to form letters of the alphabet without talking or communicating with each other in any way. They come to realize that in the absence of a plan or structure, the only way to do the activity is for one player to make a bold choice and for the other to see what their partner needs and provide it. This leads to a conversation about the value in teams of both the person who makes a bold choice and the person who understands and supports that choice. It’s like the TED talk of Derek Sivers on making a movement.

Take a Risk: World’s Worst

A genuine risk taking experience where the participants perform comedy for each other. They might feel nervous at first, but then reap the rewards of taking a risk, dealing with failure, and eventually succeeding.

Work together to Create Something New: Ad Game

This fun, high-energy exercise gets the team working together in a very tight timeframe to create and present a commercial for an imaginary product or service. All of the newly acquired skills of the day will be put into play, with a real focus on collaboration and unleashing creativity.  The Ad Game is entertaining, challenging and a great way to bring new tools into play.

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