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Do you want to turn your business into an experience?

No boring speeches, sleepy theoretical stories or a shitload of Customer Experience models in a Powerpoint presentation. Nothing of that at all! During the STARS & RATS Theater Show you’ll be on the edge of your seat. Or maybe even stand on top of it!


The choice these days is simple, either add meaning, relevance and deliver consistently memorable experiences. Or become a commodity. There’s not much in between. It’s people that make or break the experience, just like STARs on stage do. In most cases, people simply are the experience. After having studied many Experience Game Changers we have learned that they all employ individuals who are Surprising, Touching, Assisting and Recognizing their customers.

Which makes them true Experience STARs!


The ‘STARS & RATS Theater Show’ is an energetic, funny and interactive show about Customer Experience. Sharp recognizable sketches, fast improvisation, music and confronting insights will overwhelm you during this 75 minutes show. It will inspire you to create a STAR Experience in your organization. You will discover that (customer) experience is not about processes. It is about making the choice to really make a difference for your customers and employees.

Everyone can become an Experience STAR!

The ‘STARS & RATS Theater Show’ is a joint production by Performance Solutions and Boom Chicago. Together they stand for more than 54 years of experience in (stand up) comedy, state of the art improvisation, hospitality & customer experience. The show takes about 75 minutes. Do you immediately want to convert your learnings into concrete actions and work with your team to improve Customer Experience within your organization? Combine the ‘STARS & RATS Theater Show’ with a STAR Energizer (1,5 hours), STAR Work-out (4 hours) or STAR Bootcamp (8 hours) workshop!

The ‘STARS & RATS Theater Show’ will be customized to your organization and/or business to make it even more recognizable and confronting (in a funny way…). The show can be booked to:

energize the participants of your event;

inspire (and confront…) your team;

kick-off internal projects related to customer- or employee experience

look back or forward in a funny way during end-of-year meetings, a new-year’s drink or strategy meetings.


Performance Solutions is a privately-owned company, based in The Netherlands (Amsterdam) with hubs in Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Dubai, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Minneapolis and San Francisco. With a team of over 300 experienced engineers that are all aiming to spread delight by creating positive and memorable experiences for their clients. Performance Solutions is changing the way people learn, lead and interact by offering innovative solutions. To transform the company culture in a fun way by engaging all the people, which will empower them to really make a difference.