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Improv Training Program

COVID UPDATE: Classes will continue as scheduled and will not be affected by the measures announced on November 12

Don’t just sit there and watch. Why not learn improvisation yourself? In addition to making you laugh on stage, our actors are expert trainers and they want to teach you. No experience is necessary, just a desire to have fun! We are proud to offer a six-level curriculum and endless comedy electives and workshops! Our core classes are three hours long for eight consecutive weeks.

Not convinced? Try a Taster Course! This class runs for two hours and costs only €25. If you decide to join a full class – we’ll deduct this from your fee! Spoiler alert. Most people want more!

Session Dates For 2022:

  • Term 1: January 10 – March 6
  • Term 2: March 14 – May 8
  • Term 3: May 16 – July 10
  • Summer Programming: July 10 – August 7
  • Term 4: August 8 – October 2
  • Term 5: October 10 – December 4

Student Showcases:
Building Character
with Simon Lukacs – Monday, November 29th at 8:30
Advanced Scenework with Biddy Kemery – Sunday, December 5th at 5
Joy of Short-Form Games with Stacey Smith – Sunday, December 5th at 5
BYOG with Stacey Smith – Sunday, December 5th at 8:30


Shorter comedy classes and workshops. These more flexible courses compliment our Core Program with a focus on improving specific skills like musical improv, stand-up comedy, Sketch writing or becoming a better improviser. Some classes are taught online.


InterActing is a non-profit theater program that encourages teenagers and students with autism through improvisation skills to break out of their patterns of ritual and routine to embrace the unexpected. These life skills will help young people with autism to become more confident and enjoy interacting with the (non-autistic) world around them.

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