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Improv Training Program

Don’t just sit there and watch. Why not learn improvisation yourself? In addition to making you laugh on stage, our actors are expert trainers and they want to teach you. No experience is necessary, just a desire to have fun!

Our (in-person) long form program is a partnership with The Free Association in London. We are proud to offer their long form improv curriculum which consists of small group classes in a structured path with performance opportunities. We also recognize FA London course credits, so jump into an advanced class, Brexiteers!


Electives and Intensives

Comedy classes and one-day workshops. These more flexible courses compliment our regular program with a focus on improving specific skills like musical improv, stand-up comedy, Harold or becoming a better improviser.

Online Courses

Online improv classes are here! We are launching mini intensive courses via Zoom for people anywhere in the world. These courses compliment our regular in-person classes with a focus on skills that are fun and will help you be a better improviser.


Inter-Acting is a non-profit organization using improvisation to help children with autism to become socially more resilient and self-confident. Inter-Acting is an initiative of the ChildCenter Foundation in collaboration with Boom Chicago.

This organization teaches children with autism social skills and understanding through improvisation and encourages autistic young people to break out of their preferred patterns to embrace the unexpected.