The Boom Chicago Academy is our training arm. Our programs focus on skills and fun!

For individuals, we offer long-form improvisation classes, pitch trainings, presentation courses, and InterActing, our program for young people with autism. These happen at our venue on Amsterdam’s Rozengracht.

For business groups, we offer workshops on creativity, risk taking, team work and team building as well as skills-based programs that help with presentations, public speaking and connecting with an audience. These happen all over the world.

Our long form program is a partnership with The Free Association in London. We are proud to offer their long form improv curriculum which consists of six levels in a structured path with performance opportunities. We also recognize FA London course credits, so jump into an advanced class, Brexiteers!


Improv Training

Partnering with The Free Association in London, Boom Chicago is Amsterdam’s premiere location for improvisation training. Our 25 years of improv history combined with the FA’s world-famous curriculum unlocks a sense of fun in improvisation, to set performers free to create compelling and hilarious work with teammates.

This exciting six-level program will build confidence, hone a performer’s comedy and improve performance skills. We provide the next generation of improvisers with the tools and knowledge to establish their own teams and create their own exciting shows.

Student Opportunities

As students progress through the program, they get the opportunity to perform in Teacher Jams and eventually audition to be part of house teams with weekly performance opportunities. Players from the training process can become coaches, teaching staff, and hopefully one day, performers in the Boom Chicago main stage show.

The Community

By taking classes, you join a community of performers, comedians and like minded people. You can find these creative people on our stages, at our shows and in the bar. Members of the community not only make lasting friendships, but also collaborate on projects and create improv teams together. We offer students free and discount tickets to many Boom Chicago shows.

The Syllabus

Our long form improv training is based on the FA curriculum which consists of six levels in a structured path. Participants work their way up through the levels, adding to their skill set as they go. We consistently graduate more complete performers, who are fully adept in the Free Association’s unique long-form style.

Each level has 24 hours of coursework, usually spread over eight three-hour sessions. See the upcoming class schedule on our long-form improv training page. We also offer an intensive program over four consecutive days. This gives a complete course in less than a week. At Boom Chicago, you’re never far away from a class!


Inter-Acting is a non-profit organization using improvisation to help children with autism to become socially more resilient and self-confident. Inter-Acting is an initiative of the ChildCenter Foundation in collaboration with Boom Chicago.

This organization teaches children with autism social skills and understanding through improvisation and encourages autistic young people to break out of their preferred patterns to embrace the unexpected.

Pitch Training

Boom Chicago offers fun and exciting programs for companies, groups and individuals. Using the principals of improvisation, Boom Chicago can help with improving presentational skills. The training can be organized in our Amsterdam theater or on location and requires at least two hours.

We all know how hard it is to speak in front of an audience, let alone to pitch. Your heart beat goes up, your knees start shaking while you try to bring a across your idea with confidence. Because our actors are on stage every night and are booked as hosts and performers in the corporate arena as well, they are able to give you tips on how to find the fun in public speaking and to do so with confidence. The more you enjoy presenting, the more your audience will listen to what you have to say.

Through personal feedback and group coaching Boom Chicago will show you how to improve your skills and increases your confidence. Our trainer will give you individual feedback on your strengths and weaknesses so at the end of a session you will see immediate improvement. Even if you are already a well seasoned public speaker. For more information, contact us at: [email protected].

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