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Humor Makes Business Better

Comedy is in our DNA, and Boom Chicago puts humor at the heart of everything we do. And yes that’s how you spell humor now. Another cost of Brexit.

For 30 years, Boom Chicago for Business has applied our sharp comedy in the corporate world. We create impactful content, support messages and make people laugh. Because life is better when you laugh.

Comedy makes your message stick. It is the secret weapon for communication and opens closed mental doors so new ideas slip through. Stop fine-tuning your mission statement and start making sure your message arrives.

Use Boom Chicago to connect with clients, partners and teams. Our value starts with developing the program and it continues through the events and a successful evaluation. We have collaborated with over 1000 companies over the years in many categories.

Saskia Maas is happy to talk about your event. Click on contact us here or send her an email at [email protected].

Danny Schoen is excited to brainstorm ideas to hit your objectives. Contact him at  [email protected].

We combine great facilities, creativity, comedy and a can-do attitude. We love special events. Let’s create something spectacular together! We’re ready to get married. Let’s tie the knot!

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