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Humor Makes Business Better

Comedy is in our DNA, and Boom Chicago puts humor at the heart of everything we do. And thanks to Brexit, that’s how you spell humor now. 

For 30 years, Boom Chicago for Business has applied our sharp comedy in the corporate world. We create impactful content, support messages and make people laugh. Because life is better when you laugh.

Comedy makes your message stick. It is the secret weapon for communication and opens closed mental doors so new ideas slip through. Stop fine-tuning your mission statement and start making sure your message arrives.


Talk to Saskia Maas about your event. She can’t wait! Scroll down to the form here or write

Account Manager Danny Schoen can be reached at

Events go better with Boom Chicago hosts, writers and videos. In addition to event development and execution, Boom Chicago can bring our creativity to communication including invitations, panel hosting, keynotes, and active activities. Our smart and sharp team makes everything better.

Many companies are going through transformations, but change is not easy or quick. Boom Chicago works with companies to develop campaigns to prepare, train and inspire individuals and teams. Comedy can and should be a key part of the process.

Comedy is a secret weapon for communication. It opens closed mental doors and lets new information and ideas slip through. We offer executive coaching programs, presentational skills trainings and improvisation-based leadership development.

When it comes to (re)connecting with your colleagues or your purpose as a company, Boom Chicago’s team building events are the best in class!

There is so much you can do with custom videos. Comedy always makes internal and external campaigns better! No one ever wishes things were duller.

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