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Brendan Hunt, Jelka van Houten posing for a photo





Jason Sudeikis

(SNL, Ted Lasso)

“My passion for soccer first developed at Boom Chicago to nurture and develop Ted Lasso’s concept and characters… Saskia Maas has been a mentor to me.”

Amber Ruffin

(Late Night with Seth Meyers, The Amber Ruffin Show)

“Boom Chicago has prepared me for literally every job I’ve had since. People call it “comedy boot-camp” and it really is. Once you get Dutch audiences to laugh and like you, you can do anything.”

Brendan Hunt

(Creator and star: Ted Lasso)

“Boom Chicago is where you discover who you really are, and then you’re appreciated and supported. Ted Lasso would not exist if Andrew and Pep hadn’t gotten high at Rookies and decided to move to Amsterdam.”

Colton Dunn

(Superstore, Key & Peele)

“Every table read on Superstore, I didn’t need to read the script in advance; I knew I could bring it alive from what we learned improvising at Boom Chicago. It was my dream to write and work on television in comedy. That’s all I wanted to do. …It was without a doubt impossible without Boom Chicago.”

Jordan Peele

(Get Out, Us, Nope, Key & Peele)

“I was so happy at Boom Chicago and I loved the work I did there… If you have the chance to audition for Boom Chicago, or if they offer you a slot on their stage, take the opportunity. It will change your life.”

Heather Anne Campbell

(Co-executive producer and writer: Rick and Morty)

“It was like the best dream come true ever. Boom is my heart, and this is my family forever: You know it’s a good place when everybody still wants to work with each other 20 years later.”

Seth Meyers

(Late Night with Seth Meyers, Saturday Night Live)

“I love the lifetime friendships, hours of laughs, and triumphant shows… Boom attracts such a smart audience.”

Kay Cannon

(writer, director, producer: Pitch Perfect, Blockers)
“Between the constant performing, rehearsals, writing, the value of Boom was about working to push yourself and the show to something bigger, something greater. My Boom Chicago experience shows up in all of my work.”

Ike Barinholtz

(Mindy Project, Blockers, Neighbors)

“The first time I walked out onto the set of MADtv, I couldn’t have been more ready and confident because I’d opened for thousands of people at the Lowlands Festival with Boom. Boom gives you the confidence to stand in front of a crowd and get them psyched up and ready.”


For 30 years, Amsterdam’s English-language comedy institution has amazed locals, visitors and critics alike! Boom Chicago combines quick improvisation comedy, razor-sharp writing, and songs made up on the spot. People can’t believe how funny the show is.

Boom Chicago launched the careers of many comedy superstars like Seth Meyers, Jordan Peele, Amber Ruffin and the creators of stars of Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt, and Joe Kelly). Best of all, the next generation of comedy superstars is on stage tonight!

At Boom Chicago, guests are seated at tables and can enjoy drink service before and during the show. Afterwards, join the cast for a drink in the bar. You may never get this close to these future celebrities again!

"Amazing show!"

Amazing show! We went to Spectacular Improv. We were not sure what to expect, but I have to say we were not disappointed! The show was very entertaining and funny. We had a good amount of laugh that night. Will be back for sure in the future.

– Anastasia R., Google review
"Lots of laughs"

Great show. Lots of laughs. Beautiful theater environment. Comedians were all very funny. A wonderful night out in Amsterdam.

– Leon V., Tripadvisor review
"Very talented"

Second time going to Chicago Boom and second amazing evening ! The comedians are very talented, they will make you have an amazing time ! I will be back very soon !

– Paul R., Google review
"Highly recommend"

We couldn't stop laughing. Highly recommend this show and these guys. It was hard to believe that the show was improvised, perhaps because they did it very well.

– Mohammad A., Tripadvisor review

The shows are hilarious, I cant believe how talented they all are! I also took improv classes there- so fun and friendly, nothing to be shy for. If you are interested, definitely try it out

– Viket B., Google review