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Our new book is out: Boom Chicago Presents the 30 Most Important Years in Dutch History! (Akashic Books)

The very funny oral history of the Amsterdam comedy institution and Amsterdam features stories from Seth Meyers, Jordan Peele, Amber Ruffin and the creators of Ted Lasso  Jason Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt and Joe Kelly.

Buy the book in the U.S. here.
Dutch people buy the book here.

‘Essential summer reading.’ — Chicago Tribune

‘Catnip for comedy fans’ — Publishers Weekly

“The Groundlings. The Harvard Lampoon. Second City. These comedy institutions have been supplying Hollywood with a steady stream of talent for decades. Well, there’s another name—almost as influential—that you’ve never heard of: Amsterdam’s Boom Chicago.” —GQ

“Working at Boom Chicago was an unbelievable experience. Thank goodness someone was smart enough to write it all down! You’re lucky ‘cause you get to read about THE most exciting, fun, and illegal time I’ve ever had!”—Amber Ruffin

“Boom Chicago should have ended up on the scrap heap of ‘Terrible Ideas Americans Have While Stoned in Amsterdam. But here we are—thirty years later— and Boom Chicago is alive and kicking.” — Seth Meyers

No need to buy the book cold. Come to one of our fantastic events ina city near you!

NEW YORK – JUNE 19: Up Close and Intimate at Quimby’s Bookstore in Brooklyn w/the authors. Free. 6pm. Just show up.

NEW YORK — JUNE 21: Big Fun at Le Poisson Rouge w/ Seth Meyers, Amber Ruffin, Tarik Davis, Holly Walker, Nicole Parker and the authors. Info and tickets here — SOLD OUT

CHICAGO – JUNE 22: Lots of Laughs at the iO Theater. Boom founders Andrew and Pep are guest story tellers at the long running Armando Diaz improv comedy show. Info and tickets here — SOLD OUT

LOS ANGELES – JUNE 29: Superstars, Stories and a Party at Gold Diggers, East Hollywood. Too many famous alumni to list, but yes, he’s coming too. Info and tickets here — SOLD OUT Ted Lasso’s Brendan Hunt performs with his band as Elvis Prestello.

AMSTERDAM – JULY 11: Special guest Brendan Hunt and the authors at the American Book Center. Free. 15:00 Just show up.

HOUSTON – Sorry. You’re still a swamp and many of you can’t read.

ALMERE – You wish. Come to Amsterdam.

a close up of a book

“It’s kind of crazy, the impact on culture so many Boom Chicago alums have had. Boom was where I became my best comedic self: the excitement of Amsterdam, the freedom of that environment, the letting loose—it’s magic. There’s no better training ground.”
– Jordan Peele

“Moskos and Rosenfeld debut with a fun oral history of Boom Chicago, the international comedy troupe they cofounded in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in 1993 whose best-known alumni include Seth Meyers, Jordan Peele, Jason Sudeikis, and Amber Ruffin . . . An impressive array of former cast members reminisce on their time in the group; Meyers weighs in on adjusting to Dutch audiences, Peele recalls performing while high, and Ted Lasso cocreator Brendan Hunt discusses falling in love with the Dutch national soccer team. The recollections read like a lively conversation between old friends, offering a humorous glimpse into the freewheeling early days of some of today’s marquee comedians. This will be catnip for comedy fans.”
– Publishers Weekly

‘So much more respectable than a self-published book’
– Akashic Books, publisher

Boom Chicago author-founders present Prime Minister Mark Rutte the first copy of the Dutch edition.

Following the Dutch tradition of giving the first copy of a book to someone meaningful, Saskia Maas, Andrew Moskos and Pep Rosenfeld presented Prime Minister Mark Rutte with The 25 Most Important Years in Dutch History. It was not their first visit to het Torrentje (the Prime Minister’s office) as Moskos had worked with Rutte on his successful Correspondents Dinner speech. Read the story in their new book!

Written by Pep Rosenfeld, Andrew Moskos, Saskia Maas and Matt Diehl

Pep Rosenfeld is co-founder of Boom Chicago, an event host, writer, stand-up comedian, public speaker, coach, and developer of corporate programs. He was nominated for an Emmy for his writing on Saturday Night Live.

Andrew Moskos is Boom’s co-founder, artistic director and director of the political shows. He creates business programs and is the creative force behind Boom Chicago’s escape rooms and other interactive productions.

Saskia Maas is CEO of Boom Chicago. She is also a founder of InterActing, which helps autistic teenagers embrace the unexpected through improvisation.

Matt Diehl is a writer/creative known for exploring music, pop culture, true crime & beyond. His work has appeared in Rolling Stone & the NY Times; he’s also authored four books for HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster & others.

RIP Burt Reynolds, A Great Story — with Video — from Our New Book!

In the summer of 2001, Burt Reynolds, the screen icon of the 70s, 80s amd 90s was a guest in our audience. We approached him during intermission to see if he would be in a scene with us on stage. Some celebrities are cautious and worried, but Reynolds immediately agreed.

During the interview he was heckled about his toupee (an open secret). Reynolds handled it the best and most unique way you could possibly imagine.

Watch the unbelievable video and then read the entire story in our new book: Boom Chicago Presents The 30 Most Important Years in Dutch History! (Video files were smaller then. The quality gets better. The heckler bit starts at 1:50.)