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Andrew Moskos is a co-founder of Boom Chicago and is a partner in Boom Chicago for Business. He writes for and hosts international conferences like OnBrand (marketing and branding), Revolution (mobility and electric vehicles) and KPMG Yalla Tax Middle East.

Andrew hosts corporate events like Tata Steel’s 100-year Anniversary, Vodafone’s Global Strategy Event in London, IFS World in Boston, TopCon’s Xperience in Cannes, TPV’s Philips Television event in Athens, and ABN AMRO’s New Strategy Launch in… Halfweg. Hey, there’s nothing half-way about Halfweg.

Over the past 25 years, Andrew has worked on high stakes corporate events for most major companies in the Netherlands. Yes, ‘most’ as in a majority of them. including all the ones you’re thinking of. He also coached Prime Minister Mark Rutte and co-wrote his ‘most successful speech ever,’ for the Dutch Correspondents Dinner.

Andrew loves business and talking business. His knowledge and interest in a variety of topics makes him an especially good host. Of course he’s good with big thinking and tech topics, but he can also make less sexy themes like accounting software and geopositioning seem exciting.

Put him on a panel to get real discussion flowing or have him interview your CEO for a much more dynamic presentation. Everything seems more real with Andrew, even pre-written questions and planned moments.

For maximum impact, bring Andrew in early in the event development process. His experience leads to great ideas, and he is a pleasure to work with. Indeed, when you work with Andrew, the fun starts with the preparation.

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