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International Comedians in Amsterdam

Join us for Amsterdam English Comedy Nights at Boom Chicago! Just a handful of Fridays per year, the comedy tour visits Boom Chicago with two different pro stand-up comedy acts and their club MC. Surprise local talents round out the line-ups, so you get to see four or five comics each show! You don’t want to miss this limited opportunity to see some of the best comedians worldwide.

When: Seven or eight times per year. Check the calendar for further information. The show includes one break for drinks.

Where: Boom Chicago, Rozengracht 117, Amsterdam

Be sure to check out their promo clip to see what the comedy evenings are like. You can also come early to enjoy a drink in the front bar before the show, and you can bring our drinks from the bar into the theater as well.

For more info or to sign up for their newsletter, contact [email protected]. Follow their Facebook page to see detailed info about the next show.