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We are psyched about the streaming show on October 11. But some folks have asked questions…

Q: Is it an in person show or online? 
A: Both. A special, (paid, ticketed) live show begins at 19:30 for the in person audience. The streaming show begins online at 20:00 on Boom Chicago’s YouTube channel. That’s 11am in LA, 1pm in Chicago, 2pm In New York and 7pm in London.

  • More details and tickets can be found  here.

Q: Will it feel like a Zoom chat from your houses?
A: No, absolutely not! We’ll be on stage at Boom Chicago, and the show will be shot live on three cameras. The tech is provided by our streaming partner We Are Live who will make sure it looks and sounds good. There will be no lag. Famous last words…

Q: Is it, you know, okay for you and the crew to be together at the theater?
A: Yes. Boom Chicago follows all health and safety rules with socially distanced tables and one-way traffic through the theater. The show is in the big theater with high ceilings and an air handling that constantly brings in 80% fresh air and removes air from the space. Pep and Greg do not get very close to each other during the show.

Q: Do we have to come to your theater to see the show?
A: No, and we kinda thought that was clear. We do the show at the theater and you stay home with your loved ones (and less loved ones) to watch live on YouTube.

Q: Do we have to watch it live?
A: No. You can also catch up and watch it on YouTube (not live) anytime afterward. It’s more fun to watch live, and you can give suggestions when you watch it live.

Q: Do we have to pay?
A: We’re asking folks to treat these shows like any other show and buy tickets. The suggested price is €14 each night for a normal ticket and €28 for a household. We have some nice options to pay more if you’re a VIP or just doing well enough to pay-it-forward. Pay 8 euros for an obstructed view ticket, but then you have to put something in front of part of your screen. All proceeds will be split between the cast and crew. It’s possible to watch without paying – it’s on YouTube after all – so if you’re the type that sneaks into shows or steals from stores, that option is available here too.
During the show, one lucky person will be interviewed and have a moment in the show. This could be a song about them or something special. There is one ticket on sale each night called ‘I want to be in the show’ and it comes at a higher donation. Thanks in advance if you support us in that way!

Q: Where do I find more details and tickets?
A:  Here: More details and tickets.