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Have Fun and Learn Something

Using improv and comedy, we focus on leadership, innovation, communication and creativity.

For leaders, we work on presentation and storytelling skills and how to better connect with an audience. We work with top executives to develop a more intentional and authentic speaking style.

For teams, we demonstrate the value in collaboration and assist in the implementation of new programs.

For HR and L&D departments, we develop and execute training, leadership and talent development programs.

For front-line teams, we train customer-focused staff how to deal with (difficult) clients and train them to represent company values and deliver brand promises. And, oh yeah: Your team will have a blast.

Our active trainings (both online and in person) can be easily customized for groups of 1 to 1000. Our trainings address themes like:

  • Leadership
  • Change and cultural transformation
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Presentation and speaker coaching
  • Risk taking
  • Communication including difficult feedback
Content creation business


In a challenging business climate, it is important to think creatively and adapt to changing situations. Our fun and exciting programs allow a team to connect with each other and create the sparks that lead to new ways of thinking. Using the principles of improvisation, Boom Chicago will help unleash the creativity and generate the team spirit that is needed to move forward. When people work together, sparks fly faster and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Collaboration drives creativity because innovation emerges from a series of moments, rarely a single flash of insight. Boom Chicago’s improvisation training allows you to experience what it is like to build on each other’s ideas.

The Improv Workshop helps a group bond together and connect with the company. Interacting outside of the daily routine will help people see things in a new light. This training is also popular after an internal or external reorganization. The lesson plan for this workshop will be tailored to match your exact goals and needs for this session. Whether it’s fun you’re after, an in-depth communication or team building training, or anything in between. We are here to support your organization.

Joe Hachem et al. sitting at a table in front of a crowd

Case Study: Accenture (Product)

The Brief: As partners with Accenture, we work with them in many capacities. In this case, in September 2017, Accenture Products asked us to work with their team of salespeople and sales directors to assess and improve their storytelling skills and the way they sell their company to potential clients. In this case we had limited time, but big, important goals.

The Execution: We created and executed a crash course in storytelling and communication. We began by having a few participants make presentations we could critique for style and content. We then worked on elements of a good story and of good storytelling, including use of emotion, crisp, clear word choice and body language. Finally we had them record each other telling their customer story to each other so they could see for themselves how they communicated to the customer and where they need to improve.

The Response: Several of the team approached us to ask for sessions to continue working on their ability to sell and please customers. And we are working on a program with Accenture for the sales managers now that we have worked with the front line staff.



Pitch Training

Boom Chicago offers fun and exciting programs for companies, groups and individuals. Using the principles of improvisation, Boom Chicago can help with improving presentational skills. The training can be organized in our Amsterdam theater or on location and requires at least two hours.

We all know how hard it is to speak in front of an audience, let alone to pitch. Your heart beat goes up, your knees start shaking while you try to bring across your idea with confidence. Because our actors are on stage every night and are booked as hosts and performers in the corporate arena as well, they are able to give you tips on how to find the fun in public speaking and to do so with confidence. The more you enjoy presenting, the more your audience will listen to what you have to say.

Through personal feedback and group coaching Boom Chicago will show you how to improve your skills and increase your confidence. Our trainer will give you individual feedback on your strengths and weaknesses so at the end of a session you will see immediate improvement. Even if you are already a well seasoned public speaker. For more information, contact us at:

Business Pitch Training

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"The guys nailed the brief it was super practical and really gave the teams actionable takeaways, rave reviews I was super happy with they way it turned out."

– Joel Anfuso, Manager Learning & Development EMEA – Optimizely

"Thank you. We wanted people to think about things differently and your program helped make that happen."

– Toshiba

"We approached Boom Chicago to assist us with designing an Offsite day for our leadership team. From the initial approach onward, We felt that Boom Chicago were partners in the design process: they spent time understanding our business, understanding the people who would be attending the workshop, and the goals and overall aims we had for the day. I would be happy to recommend Boom Chicago as an impressive partner who are collaborative in their approach, fantastic facilitators and are capable of landing difficult learning in a comedic and fresh way that is hilariously memorable."

– Layna Hodgson, Senior Global Learning Specialist – Booking

"A wonderful training. Everybody was very enthusiastic!"

– Hewlett-Packard