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Looking to make your event more fun? Are you celebrating something special? We offer a number of exciting comedy shows to make your evening funnier and more memorable. We would love to write a show that’s entirely about you or let us dip into our extensive repertoire.

The needs of comedy at an event are different that at our own theater. Our 25 years of experience has allowed us to create memorable shows for a variety of customers. Whereas some comedians have a love hate relationship with corporate events, (they love the money, but hate the work), Boom Chicago loves to apply our skills for the business and events world.

Saskia is happy to tell you more, send her an e-mail at Do you prefer to be contacted? Fill in the form below.


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“People laughed and more importantly our Chief People Officer laughed and liked the act. The guys were on script and did an amazing job entertaining the audience!”

– Nathalie Komar, Internal Communications Manager, Booking

“They were great! I had the feeling that they had done more background work than only taking my answers to those earlier questions into the show. Very well done! Many people came to me afterwords appreciating the show! And I think the team had fun too? We all really thought they had a great show for us!
Thanks for your cooperation!”

– Petra Viklund, Northern European Association for Accelerator Engineers