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THURS | July 14: What Can’t She Do? FT. Lu in Luland

Quick Details

What Can’t She Do? FT. Lu in Luland

A hit feminist variety show! Come to Boom Chicago for a hilarious night of female-driven comedy. Stand-up, improvisation, musical comedy, characters, and more!

Featuring Lu in Luland: DickPics in my DM’s & Other Stories

a woman wearing a costumeCome & Meet Lou. She’s having a Self Love Revolution!

Tales of finding confidence in middle age, driving a 35ft Vintage motorhome across the Staes alone, being a MILF on Instagram, life as a Vibrator Advocate & Dickpics in her DM’s

Luinluland is a Ray of Fucking Sunshine. A Midlife Mindset Shifter. A Positivity Rebel. A Style Coach & Recovering Shopaholic. A Confidence Queen & Leader of the Self Love Revolution. She’s a Bad Feminist, a Vibrator Advocate & a Middle Age influencer dedicated to Growing Old Disgracefully.

During Lockdown, she consciously uncoupled from her husband of 19 years & after living in Portland Oregon for 8 years, she is currently on a journey across America in aslightly unreliable 35ft Vintage Motorhome called Susie, preaching Self Love, Women Rights, Masterbation & showing women the joys of stepping out of your comfort zone while throwing vibrators from the window as she drives.