Sunday Night Live

Sunday Night Live - Entirely Improvised English Comedy Show (Check below for our SNL Two Man Special March 4)

In 1993, Boom Chicago brought improvisation to Amsterdam. Now, almost 25 years later, we take comedy in Amsterdam to the next level: long form improvisation. With long form improv, the Boom Chicago cast creates new scenes, stories and songs inspired by a monologue or a suggestion — and each other. The comedy unfolds more patiently as the improvised threads weave themselves into something unique, surprising and always funny. Sunday Night Live is intended for improv fans and lovers, but beware: since each show is totally different, anyone who sees it may find it habit forming…

Sundays at Boom Chicago will have a different vibe from the rest of the week. While the normal Boom Chicago comedy show is lightning fast and full of technical tricks, Sunday Night Live takes it easy. More laid back, more relaxed and a bit more involving. You watch each improv move and understand what inspired it — and see how it inspires the next.

Each Sunday Night Live show is truly one of a kind in a way even our other shows aren’t. These longer stories, scenes and songs are not just inspired by suggestions but by each other. That means that even if the starting line is the same, the show will go in places that previous shows have just never gone. If you want to experience some unique improv comedy in Amsterdam, Sunday Night Live is the comedy show you should visit. And when the show is over, that story and those characters are gone forever. The audience has watched the creation and performance of a comedy play that only has one performance. Ever.

Book your tickets now, you might inspire our next SNL show! This improv comedy show is entirely in English. The show lasts around 1.5 hours. The starting time is 20:00. Our bar will be buzzing with people from 18:30, so why not coming early to enjoy a drink?


AN EXCLUSIVE SNL, THE TWO MAN SPECIAL March 4 - 100% JK: 100 Percent Josh and Karel

Josh grew up in a religious family outside of straight-laced Washington, DC, while Karel has Dutch parents and grew up on America’s liberal west coast. Through their standup, see how their different lenses on life in Amsterdam both result in hilarity, and in the whip-smart, lightning-fast improv portion of the show, experience how these two friends take audience suggestions and use them to make comedy sparks fly. Come and see this exclusive show, currently only available for one night. March 4.
It’s 50% Josh, 50% Karel, and 100% JK. All from concentrate.

Show lasts about an 75 minutes with no intermission.

  • Starring

  • Directed by

    Andrew Moskos

  • Technician

    Emil Struijker | Tyrone Dierksen

  • Musician

    Sacha Hoedemaker

  • Tickets

    Starting from: €17,95