Meet the Actors


Simon Lukacs has made his great escape from Brexit Britain to join our cast in booming Amsterdam. He has been improvising for 7 years, and has performed with some of the best improvisers in the UK and beyond. He trained with The Second City, The Free Association, Monkey Toast and The Spontaneity Shop. He has taught improv for The Free Association, one of London’s premier improv schools/ theaters, and is a member of their house Harold team The 838, as well as performing with them at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

His main improv squeeze is The Petting Zoo (“Improv supergroup” Time Out London) – he is a founding member and with them has performed at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The Del Close Marathon, The Brighton Fringe, The Comedy Cafe Berlin, and their London residency at The Free Association theatre, London. He’ll bring them out to Amsterdam, you mark his words!

As a character comedian, Simon has taken two shows to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Kayfabe in 2015 and Simon Lukacs Shows His Range in 2016. He has written for ITN in the UK, and appeared alongside critically acclaimed sketch act Massive Dad for BBC3.


Tamar Broadbent is a comedian, improviser, singer, actor, musician, award-winning songwriter and eternal optimist from the UK. She has written topical songs and sketches for the BBC (The Now Show, Sketchtopia) and filmed for Comedy Central Online’s Ones To Watch.

Having performed improv at the Free Association in London, Tamar is delighted to be among the newest members of the cast of Boom Chicago. She is also enjoying being the shortest person in Amsterdam, riding around on her new bike that was originally built for a 10-year-old boy.

Tamar performs stand-up regularly around the UK and has toured her solo musical comedy shows internationally, including an award-nominated run at Perth Fringeworld 2017 and five Edinburgh festivals. She has co-written the play Split with Emma Pritchard and the musical Club Mexicano with John-Victor, and is currently working on a brand new one-woman musical, Best Life.

In her free time, Tamar enjoys watching live music, writing songs, and drinking as much wine as is stereotypically expected of an English person.

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Tyler Groce is a stand up comedian, improviser, actor, podcaster, and freestyle rapper. He has been doing improv and stand up comedy for 3 years. Tyler has attended several comedy festivals in the United States, including Out of Bounds Comedy festival, Flappers Comedy Festival in Burbank, Trill Comedy Festival in Houston, and Bexar Stage Comedy Festival in San Antonio. Tyler was a core member of the 48hr Improv Marathon at the Hideout Theatre in 2018 Austin, Texas. He was a finalist in 2018’s Funniest Person in Austin stand up comedy competition in Austin, Texas. He cohosted a weekly live stand up comedy show Buzzkill at Buzzmill in Austin. Tyler also cohosts a podcast called Off the Dome: The Austin Freestyle Podcast.

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Lizz Kemery is a comedian, actor, writer and true crime aficionado. She studied improv comedy at The Groundlings, The Upright Citizens Brigade and The Free Association. Originally from Philadelphia, she has also performed in Los Angeles, London and finally here in Amsterdam.

She was a reoccurring guest player with London super group – Shoot From The Hip and member of their sister troupe Sweet Nelson – teaching workshops all over the world including places like London and Istanbul.

Simon Feilder Boom Chicago

Simon is an award-winning comedian, writer and actor from the UK who has performed stand-up all over the world, appeared in a multitude of TV & web content and lent his voice to all manner of commercials, idents & (BAFTA-winning!) TV shows. In spite of this, his biggest claim to fame is appearing as an extra in an episode of ‘Friends’. Since 2009 Simon has taken shows to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as part of award-winning double act Life Of Si and all on his lonesome with his solo outings, ‘All The Things I’m Not’ and ‘Die Trying’, the latter named after his comedic docu-vlog series which charted the ups and downs of life as an (unknown) comedian. (Check out this episode also featuring Boom Chicago’s Tamar!)

Improv first sunk its teeth into Simon’s dainty flesh during a university semester abroad in the USA and since then he has studied in London under Monkey Toast, The Free Association, Craig Cackowski (iO) & Brian Jack (iO, Second City). He is also a member of Free Association house team Super Discount Party Store until they kick him off the Whatsapp group.

Before joining Boom Chicago Simon had never even been to Amsterdam so his checklist between shows is immense and potentially life-threatening. When not performing he enjoys rock and hip-hop music, martial arts movies, tech stuff and spending too long on Instagram stories. While here he would also like to join a rap group. He’ll be there for you.


As Director of Creative Content, Pep does it all: high level event host & facilitator, writer, stand-up comedian, public speaker, coach, and developer of innovative corporate programs.

Pep hosts events like TEDx Amsterdam, The Next Web Conference, and the Spin Awards. His preparation & polish, positive take and an uncanny ability to turn new information into comedy earn him rave reviews. At TEDx Binnenhof, Pep poked fun at Willem-Alexander and Maxima as they watched from meters away. Instead of being deported, Pep and Maxima joked afterwards about their respective levels of Dutch fluency. (Hers was better. A lot better.) He also hosts corporate events for companies like Ahold, KPMG, Oracle and Heineken where he has a knack for making a potentially dull event feel fun and energetic.

Pep’s passion is using comedy to make hard-to-communicate messages land and stick, as featured In his 2012 TED talk, ‘Fight, Flight or Make Your Opponent Laugh.’ He also loves comedy about current events and politics, and has co-written and co-starred in Boom’s political shows including Bye-Bye Bush9/11 Forever and There’s No Such Thing as Sinterklaas. He can currently be seen with Gregory Shapiro in Boom’s long-running hit, Trump Up the Volume. He was nominated for an Emmy for his writing on America’s long-running television show, Saturday Night Live.


Comedian. American. Dutchman. And the voice of Trump in the ‘Netherlands Second’ video. Celebrating 25 years in comedy.

Boom Chicago started in 1993, Greg came in 1994, and he’s been here ever since. Shapiro studied and performed with Boom Chicago founders Andrew Moskos and Pep Rosenfeld in the Chicago suburbs and at Northwestern University.

With Boom Chicago, Shapiro was the host of 2007-8 TV show Comedy Central News ‘because Dutch news is news too.’ He has performed a number of solo shows such as ‘Going Dutch’, ‘Superburger’, and ‘Part-Time Hypocrite’. He has written two books about Dutch culture, including ‘How to Be Orange’ and ‘How to Be Dutch: the Quiz’. Shapiro has made numerous appearances in Dutch TV, film and commercials. His columns have appeared on BNR Nieuwsradio, in TimeOutAmsterdam and The XPat Journal.

Together with Boom Chicago’s Pep Rosenfeld, Shapiro covers the latest news from the US – in the current events show ‘Trump Up the Volume’. Rosenfeld and Shapiro can be seen online in the weekly ‘6 Beers of Politics’ series. And Shapiro is writer and host for the YouTube show ‘United States of Europe,’ giving EU leaders the respect they deserve – by ridiculing them on a regular basis.


Andrew Moskos is always working on innovative ideas and projects. He is also Boom Chicago’s director of  political productions. Together with Pep Rosenfeld, he creates and facilitates high level business programs for fortune 500 companies such as Oracle, EY, Heineken and Philips. The programs are focused on helping companies to implement a strategy by using humor and to develop innovative and creative mindsets within the organization.

Andrew is the creative brain behind Boom Chicago’s interactive productions such as Deep Undercover, many escape rooms (including our own Escape Through The Movies), haunted houses and more ground-breaking productions.

Andrew is a big promoter of his beloved Amsterdam and has founded the Amsterdam Tourist Support Foundation, a charity organization for visitors of our capital. He was the main contributor of the Boom Magazine, which has been around for more than twenty years and on websites such as Boom Chicago’s Urban Amsterdam and Amsterdam Top 20.

Unlike his overambitious partners, he has never given a TED talk.


Rob AndristPlourde has been professionally performing and teaching short form improvisational comedy since 1989. After three years of performing with Comedy Sportz Chicago, Rob moved to Amsterdam to work, improvising, writing and teaching comedy with Boom Chicago. In addition to his solo shows “Rob It Like it’s Hot!” and “Legends of Rob”, Rob is one of the co creator’s of “Yo! Here We Go”, Boom Chicago’s longest running, hip hop freestyle piece. Bringing a serious sense of joy and wonder to comedy, Rob loves short form, beat boxing and watching students get improv. When not doing comedy, Rob pursues the music scene and recommends music you will like.

Meet the Founders


Saskia is responsible for business development, production of global corporate programs, strategy, finance, sales and public relations. Saskia has a Masters degree in linguistics from Tilburg University and completed Nyenrode’s prestigious one-year Executive Management Development Program. She recently finished the 18 month leadership program at THNK, the school of Creative Leadership.

Saskia is also one of the founders of Inter-Acting, teaching children with autism social understanding and skills through improvisation. Inspired by her youngest son, she led a pilot program for the Hogeschool Fontys in Eindhoven to help autistic students break out of their patterns and routines to embrace the unexpected with improvisation. Watch her TED talk on that project here.


As Director of Creative Content, Pep does it all: high level event host & facilitator, writer, stand-up comedian, public speaker, coach, and developer of innovative corporate programs. A co-founder of Boom Chicago, Pep’s passion is using comedy to make hard-to-communicate messages land and stick, as featured In his 2012 TED talk, ‘Fight, Flight or Make Your Opponent Laugh.’ Pep hosts events like TEDx Amsterdam, The Next Web Conference, The Nordic Business Forum, and the Spin Awards to rave reviews, and he was nominated for an Emmy for his writing on America’s long-running television show, Saturday Night Live.


Andrew Moskos comes up with big new ideas. He is a a co-founder, former cast member and director for some of Boom Chicago’s political productions. He creates and facilitates high-level business programs for global multinationals like Oracle, EY, Heineken and Philips to help implement their strategy with humor and develop innovative and creative mindsets within the organization. He also is the creative force behind Boom Chicago’s escape rooms, haunted houses and other interactive productions. He co-developed The Future of Your Organization, a tailored interactive business presentation he customized and performed for more than a 100 companies across the globe.

Meet the Production Team


Sacha Hoedemaker has been playing professionally for over 10 years accompanying singers, live bands, musicals, studio engineers and theater productions. As the Musical Director at Boom Chicago, he is responsible for the production of original music for live shows and other creative projects such as Escape through Time, New Kids on the Gracht, VR Winter Wonderland, Best of Boom, Escape Through The Movies and many more. In 2010, Sacha was introduced to improvisational theater and was hooked right away. His professional experience combined with an eye and timing for theater made him a highly sought after Musical Director and improviser across Europe. Sacha loves teaching, playing live, producing and working with people on creative and/or musical projects! For more information about Sacha Hoedemaker, check out his website at or search for The Music Maker on Facebook.

Tyrone Dierksen 1024×683

Tyrone started in the technical environment at an early age, travelling with his mother (a musician) and helping her with the setup of instruments and sound check. He began learning the ropes to be a sound technician by helping her both in studio and live at work.

That’s when he knew being a sound technician was what he was meant to do. He expanded his knowledge and experience by doing internships and short after, he was planning his own shows. The first gig he was in charge of was a fashion event and from there he went on to work at the Royal Theater Carré on shows like Jochem Meijer and the World Christmas Circus. His first steps as a theater technician were at Plein Theater in Amsterdam and since 2018, he’s a proud member of the production team at the Rozentheater.


Emil has been adding lights, music and sound to improv shows for years now. From small rooms to being the head tech at the international festival, IMPRO Amsterdam. He started honing his innate skills at the easylaughs troupe in Amsterdam. Quickly becoming an integral part of their shows and the first call other improv groups made when doing shows. In that journey he became the first improv tech ever to create his own show. A great improvisor in his own right, a master with the light and sound faders.